Every year, you make New Year resolutions to eat healthy, exercise or lose weight. You give up and quit as soon as it becomes hard. You give up on our dreams, because you want success to be easy. You are always looking for an easy option, instant results and instant success. You throw away things when they stop working rather than try to mend them. The same attitude you project for relationships, be it professional or personal. You give up too soon on relationships and look for alternatives. You assume that grass will be greener on the other side.

Giving up too easily lowers your self-esteem, and you will find yourself only jumping from one opportunity to another, without any genuine success. Success requires hard work and perseverance.

This tendency or habit of giving up easily is a result of unbalanced energy in Swadhistana Chakra. This imbalance leads to the following patterns of thinking:

• You do not have faith in your own potential to change situations. Therefore you do not utilize your full potential and because of limiting beliefs give up too easily
• You do not have faith in another person’s potential to deliver
• You have unrealistic expectations from a situation or a person.
• You think you cannot communicate and bring about a change in a person.
• You fear failure, so you give up so that your ego does not get hurt.

Know that life is about learning, changing and evolving. Have faith that you have the potential to transform a tough situation with your innate creativity, talents and power.

This is a challenge that you have to overcome on your path to self-empowerment.

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