How to Overcome Lust & Desires

Today people across the world are mired in desires. You seek fulfilment in food and can’t stop eating. The desire for material things is similarly unquenchable – you keep buying and hoarding things. Married men are leaving their families to pursue women half their age.

Lust is neither a need nor desire. It is the blinding greed to possess, whether on a material or personal level. You are constantly chasing things/people and since you are running after a mirage, you can never get enough and you will never be satisfied. With illusions you start living in a dream world where you create unending ambitions that give you pleasure. You fantasise about dreams that cannot be achieved. Dreaming makes you lose your sense of reality and you are entangled in a web. When you awaken, it could be very late.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are living in a world of illusion. Do you want:

Food for Taste?

Job for money?

Friendship for dependency?

Marriage for Love?

Sex for pleasure?

Learn to see through the veil of illusions and get to the actual meaning of every situation in life. Food is meant for nourishment of the body, job is for expression of the Self, friendship is for sharing, marriage for stability and sex for the purpose of procreation.

To overcome lust, follow these steps:

  1. Analyse the definitions in your mind. Lust happens when you define things incorrectly. You are in trouble because you have equated friendship with passion, food with taste and material things with Status.
  2. Remove all definitions of “pleasure” and “pain” from this association.
  3. Look hard at your definition – when you focus on them without judging, the real definition will materialise. Things will come to light and the “knowing” happens.
  4. Get grounded.

Get grounded with Ganesha

Lust is depicted through the mouse of Lord Ganesha, a despicable creature that lurks in the dark, eating and nibbling away at everything, regardless of actual hunger, a creature that reproduces in large numbers. Ganesha the ruler of planet Ketu rides over it, controlling it and grounding us to our actual needs.

It is important to assess what you are today. If you think you have fallen in love, first get grounded in your reality. See who you are, see your roots, your parents, where they come from, the family you belong to, the society where you live and the time you live in.

Desire will breed multiple desires and suck you into things that are not your path. Have you seen how Ganesha rides on a mouse? Tame the mouse of maya and get grounded with Ganesha. Be grounded in your family and society first. Learn to see through the illusions with Ganesha and follow your life path.

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