Am I allowing Abundance in my Life?

Abundance is a state of having more than you need, be it money, opportunities, achievements, loving relationships and success. Abundance is your divine birth right, yet you confine and enclose yourself with feelings of scarcity. You feel you struggle a lot, do not have as much money as you want, do not get good opportunities to show your talent, do not achieve the level of success you want and so on. The mind set of scarcity makes you believe that you have to fight for what you want and protect what you already have. With such a mindset, even though you might use tools and techniques to attract abundance, like making affirmations, visualizations and vision boards, you just will not be able to manifest abundance. You have to ALLOW abundance in your life, and not merely stop at wishing for it and attracting it. It’s like inviting someone to your home and then barricading the door so they can’t come in!

How to master the art of allowing Abundance:

The art of allowing Abundance involves thinking right and releasing negative beliefs and rigid perceptions, all of which work in tandem to block your Chakras. Once your Chakras are blocked, you obstruct the free flow of Life energy through you and it manifests as fears, worries, anxieties and stress. You feel disconnected and confused and lack vitality. This is how mentality of scarcity feels. You can transform your life and allow abundance to flow easily and smoothly. You have to think and feel differently. Following are the steps to master the art of attaining Abundance:

Universe always nurtures and supports you!

Do you currently have a strong fear of survival? Do you feel that unseen forces are working against you? Do you feel that you are unlucky and someone up there does not want you to succeed? Remember, like attracts like! If you see the Universe as being cruel and punishing, it will be. If you see the Universe as being loving and supportive, it will be!

Feel Abundant NOW!

Focus on all that you have in life right now that makes you feel abundant. It could be your educational qualifications, your loving family, your talents and looks, your healthy body and the beautiful setting you may be in right now. Feel worthy to get more, and shift your focus from a scarcity mindset to a joyous and abundant mindset.

Let Go and Start Allowing Abundance

It’s impossible to allow abundance if you hold on to past hurts, traumas, disappointments and resentments, which block your Heart Chakra. It interferes with your ability to create and manifest your true desires. So let go of all past hurts and forgive people. Forgive yourself for all your past failures and open your heart to trust, faith and compassion, both for your own self as well as the whole world. This will change your energy frequency and you will see that you will attract abundance and opportunities your way.

Embrace Your Worthiness

You have to embrace your unique self-identity. If you feel that you are not good enough, it has a powerful negative impact on your frequency, and you simply cannot allow yourself to receive abundance. Stop comparing yourself with others and release all patterns of low self-worth. Together with this, you need to identify and release all your limiting fears and beliefs that you cannot have and do not deserve money, and you are greedy if you want money and abundance.

Create an Abundant Self-Image

How you see yourself determines what you will allow into your life. If you are used to seeing yourself as someone who is broke, unsuccessful and unhappy, you simply can’t allow more abundance into your life. You need to have a NEW self-image: of a strong, confident, successful, happy, ABUNDANT person who effortlessly attracts money, opportunities, love, success, and everything else good you want. Honour your worth and time. Never think anyone is giving you money. You are giving them a service and for that you are being paid. If you are a businessman you are giving them a good product or a good service and the money is just a return of energy for that. You are giving service, your valuable time, your commitment, your honesty, your talent, your years of study and experience.

Rejoice others Success and Achievements

Never compare yourself adversely with others. If someone else has something that you wish you had, feel good that he accomplished and manifested it and pray that you too manifest your desires. There is no dearth or lack of anything in the Universal treasury. Rejoicing in other’s fortune and success will bring more of that in your life too. On the other hand, if you feel sad/depressed or jealous if someone else gets success, then you are repelling the same thing in your life.

Your Life Purpose as a Source of Abundance

Living your life purpose is one of the most powerful sources of abundance you can activate in your life. Be clear about what all you want in life. Create a vision board for it to remind you what you wish to aim for. When you march ahead and stay focused on your life purpose with strong conviction and self-belief, abundance and money flow naturally and freely.

Healing Your Relationship with Money

Remember, money is ENERGY – how you feel about it matters! You have to stop having anger and frustration built around the subject of money. You have to stop feeling guilty about spending money. Spend on yourself as though you are the King or Queen and Universe will treat you as you would like to be treated.

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