What is the root cause of distractions in people?

Distraction of the mind is caused due to the 3 reasons below :

Wrong alignment

Wrong definition


Till you are in illusion that you are the body, mind, senses or identity you will be pulled by the needs, desires, fears and wants of these illusionary consciousness and will remain away from the true self. This is called wrong alignment.

Secondly you define situations and people from an individual perspective and label them. So you label a person as good or bad or worthless or cruel or greedy and selfish and so on depending on your view or experience with him. Similarly you label an event or situation as fearsome, difficult, thrill, disaster, shocking or boring as per your own perspective. These definitions pull the mind into an illusionary loop of imagination and connection with similar stories and you remain bound by thoughts.

Thirdly you are pulled into illusions which are basically twisted ways of looking at some unions like eating for happiness instead of eating for nourishment or working for money instead of working for self-potential or marrying for love instead of marrying for physical stability. These illusions keep the mind bound in pleasure and pain.

The mind is a tool given to you for realising the self. It just wants to “Know” the truth. Thus it constantly seeks the right answer. Ultimately mind has to settle in the Soul which is All knowing. Meditation is the only way to train the mind to first obey the command of the soul to be still. Then the mind is used to break the bonds of wrong alignment, definitions and illusions through self-introspection and inner contemplation. Mantras are powerful weapons that help in this process. Mind uses the vehicle of the breath. So breath control also help in mind control. As one starts gaining control of the mind, he assumes greater power over the world in front of him and finds himself as a creator of his environment.

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