Tips for Successful Relationship

Human relationships are not only about what you give each other. What matters more is whether both of you can be your natural selves in the relationship. So it is not your doing, thinking or feeling that makes a good relationship, it is your Being that keep others attached to you.

Whatever the relationship, neither of the two partners should be dependent on each other for physical, emotional and financial needs. Dependency brings with it control, expectations and eventually, you end up making your partner a tool for satisfying your needs. This can only lead to frustration and friction in the relationship because at the end of the day, every human has the right to be their natural selves.

Relationships that go a long way are invariably those where both sides consider each other as equal partners. There must be equal give-and-take and no side should have fear of losing in the relationship.

Loving and successful human relationships don’t just happen. They are built over time. Your relationships to a great extent define who you are. A successful relationship requires that you manage your desires, expectations, complicated emotions and dependencies. Letting go of control is the first step to starting on this path. Some other ingredients required to build a successful relationship are:

Communication – Consistent two-way communication is the key to successful relationships. In a healthy relationship, both of you are free to share your feelings, thoughts and needs without inhibitions. So make it a point to communicate, whether it is in words or gestures.

Emotions – Emotions, especially positive emotions go a long way in building a relationship. Understanding and learning to gauge your partner’s emotions and emotional needs will help you connect emotionally.

Awareness – Self-awareness as well as awareness about your partner and their needs will help you connect better. Learn to understand how your actions and the actions of your partners will impact the relationship and then, act accordingly.

Build Trust and Understanding – A relationship is built on trust and understanding. Love is synonym for trust and both of you must trust the other partner enough to let them be their natural selves without any pretence.

Manage and Prioritise – Take care of yourself and have control of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Building a relationship takes time and patience. Learn to prioritise your professional and personal life. Spend quality time with your partner and try to be the giver in a relationship without many expectations in return.

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