Good Bye 2018

Another year just went by. As I am growing older it seems that the years are coming with wings and I hardly get time to even sit or relax for a single day. I celebrated my 50th this year and it is still hard to sink in. You somehow want to cling onto the 30s and 40s. Midlife seems to me like the onus of your world is on you now and the days of ignoring those small things is passed.

Changes I observed this year in me:

• I became bolder. No means actually No
• What I set out to do, I indeed do it
• I accept others easily now and have learned to appreciate them for their role in my life
• I feel more powerful. I realised that there is no need to compromise for anything
• I realised that structuring of your day and month by writing down a to-do list, helps me
• From ‘wanting to achieve’, I have changed to ‘wanting to Become’
• From wanting ‘to be successful’, I know ‘I am successful’
• There is no more desire in me, but definitely a deep fire burns inside to Be my fullest Self
• Have realised that the only way to rise in life is through Surrender
• Life flows now with no controls but it seems very harmonious and predictable
• Have understood that only a state of fearlessness helps you go within. And inside you is the fountain of joy

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