What is the single main reason why many people quit on their New Year resolutions?

Any resolution is a call for a change or transformation in one’s self. It could be a change in a habit, behaviour or it could be increased focus or attention to a particular aspect of life be it health, relationships, career, finances, hobbies etc.

As such resolutions can be made anytime but New Year is a special time for this because:

• You can look back at the previous year in a collective fashion and see what went in your favour and what did not
• New Year seems like a fresh start with the same months, events, periods repeating and giving you a second chance
• It is easier to let go and detach from the year gone by and feel fresher, renewed & inspired for the new innings

What happens after you start implementing the resolution?

When you make a resolution for a change which could be a change in drinking/eating habits or living a more disciplined lifestyle then you focus on controlling your senses and instincts. Thus you control yourself to avoid the temptations of the food, drinks, sleeping late or being lazy.

When it comes to being less angry or impatient, you attempt to control your expression.

Why there is a fallout after some time?

Know that control is not natural for you. When you try to control yourselves (mind, body and senses), you become stifled and quickly you reiterate to come out of self-imposed bondage as your natural instinct is to feel free and liberated. So you convince yourselves that it is okay to indulge in drinking or other addictions till it is somewhat moderate or you just give up thinking it is not possible for you to do away with the same. This leads to low self-confidence as you start doubting your inner will power.

For those who will to focus on strengthening certain aspects of life like relationships, education, finances etc require a lot of will power and inspiration by way of positive response to continue on this path. And if they do not find it coming their way, they lose steam.

So where is the flaw?

I would say the error or flaw is that the people focus on the external world (mind, body and senses, people and situations) and not on their own consciousness. To change anything in the mirror reflection of the external world, one has to work on his consciousness that is projecting the reflection. For this one has to release the beliefs, limitations, temptations, self doubt and fears related to the resolution.

So to quit smoking, drinking and similar addictions, you have to work on shattering the illusion that you get relaxation and pleasure from them. Instead, you should see what they actually do to you in terms of health and loss of self control. You have to go beyond the pleasures of having it and pain of not having it to see the truth.

To come out of addictions which could be sensory like watching too much TV, spending too much time with friends, playing computer games etc., you have to see what you are gaining from these and how they are harming you through distraction. You should instead focus on your true goal of self-development.

To transform your nature from anger, you should cleanse yourself of judgments and develop trust for others. And for impatience, you should release the fear that time is too short or that opportunities are slipping by to realize that the present moment has everything you need for tomorrow.

To focus on a particular aspect of life, you have to rise above distractions and trivial issues that take you away from your priorities and you should commit with your mind, body and soul to your soul desires.

I would say the single reason people quit the New year resolution is that they don’t work on their consciousness.

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