Rise above your Stress

Stress, as defined by many medical books is a natural state in which your body reacts or responds to various situations and changes. Stress can be of various types, it can affect you on a physical, mental and emotional level too. Though stress is defined as natural, know that it is not. Stress is Not a natural state, which is why its mere presence and recognition causes discomfort on an emotional, physical and mental level.

The level of stress, its frequency and nature may vary but it is upon you to handle the stress effectively without allowing it to overpower you, your thoughts, and your emotional and physical state.

Did you know that stress can affect various chakras of your body, causing pain and discomfort in that specific body part? Yes, you read it right, here are a few examples that help identify and relate to the stress you may have experienced. If one is suffering from grief or hurt related stress than it will block their Heart Chakra, similarly if a person is stressed with the thought of having less money or no money than this stress affects the Root chakra.

Remember that you have the ability to control and gain mastery over your thoughts and can control your stress levels without actually being worked up. I know it is easy said than done, but it is not impossible. Stress needs to be released as it is caused due to LOW EMOTIONS. Stress cannot be good, hence you need to let Go of it.

If your mind is constantly at work, it keeps you away from the Now, and holds you from rising above the situation and recognizing the Higher emotions. Given below are few things that will help you in releasing stress.

• Just surrender yourself and all your stress at the feet of the divine and believe, have faith that your stress will be taken care of by the Supreme
• When you constantly contemplate on your worries, you unknowingly create them, as things you focus on, you manifest.
• Know that fearing and focusing your thoughts on stress will make you weaker, instead invest in positive thoughts and engage into activities that would keep you busy and happy.
• Recognize the Higher emotions of love, trust, acceptance, faith, forgiveness, self- worth and confidence.
• Practise Meditation as a healthy mind leads to healthy life.
• Also, one of the most effective and best ways to release your stress level is wearing Rudraksha.

Rudraksha are natural beads that hold immense healing and therapeutic vibrations. The frequency at which the human body vibrates is similar to the vibrations of the Rudraksha. Hence, this bead is often used to treat any kind of mental, physical and emotional instability. Rudrakshas are available in various mukhis and qualities. Every mukhi works on a specific body part and relieves various types of stress.

Thus accept the situation as it is and calm down your emotions through faith in self and the divine. By surrendering your fears, you become the medium through which God operates.

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