What is the difference between failure and success?

Behind every success story are obstacles, setbacks and change in directions. It’s these clumsy steps on the road to getting what you set out for that are termed failure.

When you see someone who is successful, you assume that they are lucky or intelligence or more deserving.  You do not see what they went through to get there.

If today failure is making you demotivated and develop self doubt, you need to wake up. Failure is a teacher and it shows you all possible pitfalls you can have when you get success. As you learn how to handle them, it shows you more and more till you are strong enough to handle the responsibility of success.  Today if you are repeatedly meeting failures, it means you are not learning from your mistakes and are allowing fears and negativities to cloud your thinking.  If you linger on these fears, they settle in you like beliefs and become a pattern in your life. One has to address his belief system and learn from mistakes and develop acceptance in order to see the truth and learn the lessons that failure is teaching you. Sometimes Failure is also a teacher who steers you to the right direction.

Failure should not create negative emotions in you and success should not create thrill and fuel your ego. One needs to see failure and success with the same eye.

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