Can I bring acceptance into a job I do not like?

Do you find yourself stuck in a job that you do not like? And the more you try to grapple with the situation, the harder it becomes to make a transition?

Realise that the more resistance you show and project, the harder it is going to be to break free from the entanglement and confusion.

The reason for this is that non-acceptance is not your true nature. Non-acceptance of a situation aligns you to ego and emotions of negativity, frustration, fear, dislike and discontentment. These negative emotions block you from attracting what you love.

Therefore to bring about a positive change in any unfavourable situation, follow the following steps:

• Accept your current situation exactly as it is. For this, release all the negativity and disempowering emotions associated with it.
• Honour your current situation for what it has contributed to your life. Honouring your current situation makes it complete, and you thus become ready for the next level of completeness.
• Look forward to your next assignment with Joy and make all active efforts in that direction. As a first step, Trust that it will happen.

Acceptance and Gratitude are extraordinarily magical emotions that attract everything positive in your life.

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