Activate your Muladhara Chakra to stop procrastination

Procrastination is the annoying art of delaying a task that needs to be completed. The task is delayed and avoided till the last minute. And the last minute comes (of getting the task done), when the fear of not finishing the task, is much greater than the pleasure derived from postponing the task.

The habit of procrastination affects many aspects of our life. At home, you could be procrastinating organizing your messy cupboard or repairing your leaky taps or an appointment with your doctor. At work you delay writing and submitting important reports, or making important client calls. Sometimes you could even be procrastinating the crucial meeting with your boss, which could be essential for your own promotion at work. Many students routinely procrastinate studying for exams, with the result that they do not get as good grades as they are capable of achieving.

Procrastination gets you into unnecessary anxiety together with negative feelings like guilt and self-doubt. The pending work tends to drag you down and you routinely face actual pain in the legs. Your mind is never really free. You delay new opportunities, because new and uninterrupted flow can only happen when the pipeline is clear.

Procrastination is basically a fear of work, and this resides in the 4-petalled Muladhara Chakra, located near the base end of the spinal column, which governs the skeletal system, pelvis, hip, legs and the excretory system. Muladhara chakra is where our entire Body consciousness resides, and it is associated with survival and safety and teaches us the life lesson of standing up for ourselves.

Many people are in need of help to stop Procrastination. Here are some of the steps that can be followed:

1) Look at your fear of doing a task. Know that doing the task is far less stressful than not doing it. Release the fear.

2) Focus on the feelings of being overwhelmed by unknown obstacles and struggles in future that you might face when doing the task. Release the feelings of being overwhelmed and know that you have the body strength to face any challenge.

3) Understand that the ego of the body is deceiving you to follow inertia or inactivity as means of pleasure or joy. As a soul, you have to employ or make use of your body to live your Life purpose or Intention.

4) Be ready to fight the challenges and demons of laziness. When you become a true warrior, you welcome the energies of Kartikeya into your life.

5) Honour work. Know that work is worship, and only through work, will you achieve all your desires.

Finally, never judge work as important or insignificant or as something that you like to do or dislike to do. Gear yourself up, and JUST DO IT.

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