Why do I lose money in unnecessary expenditures.

You lose money because of two reasons. One is that you fear losing money. This fear forces you to control what you spend. But control makes a system lose its natural intelligence, which is designed to be perfect and you end up echoing your fears. Second reason is that you have defined money as a pleasure. So this gets you into an illusion of pleasure and pain whereby you see yourself running for pleasure or running away from pain and this disturbs the natural order of things and you end up overspending or denying yourself what is right for you.

The solution is right here:

Firstly, Release the fear of not being supported. Ground yourself to Mother Earth and know that it is your birth right to have your needs met. As it is said that there is enough for your needs, but not for your greed. So release this fear of money drain and divert your mind to useful pursuits of knowledge and awareness.

Secondly, define money as an energy that comes to fulfil some purpose, that purpose is what is right in the moment. It is neither pleasure nor pain. Money does not come from people to you. It is an energy that flows through you to others and from others to you.

“All you need to do is Allow”

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