Why do I find hard to change my job?

• Do you feel frustrated in your present job?
• Do you feel lack of growth and do not feel appreciated?
• Do you feel you are taken advantage of?
• Do you feel overwhelmed with the situations in your company and feel it is better to leave it for the better one?
• Are you looking for a higher salary to meet your expenses?

If you wish to leave your company for any of the reasons above, you will not find a suitable job. Even if you do land a job, the very problems you were trying to escape from will stare at you when you join.

Dependency limits your growth

Know that life throws different challenges at you and the purpose of the challenges is to face them and not run away from them.

If you are feeling frustrated due to the lack of growth and appreciation, watch yourself for dependency on your company. Depending will set the stage for them to take advantage of you. It will make you lose vision and foresight and you will not see another opportunity. Solution is to look at your relationship with the company as a partnership where they give you a platform and opportunity and you give them your time and talents. This will release you from neediness and expectations of growth and appreciation, and instead make you a partner in growth.

Running away from challenges blocks the Root Chakra

If you find tasks given to you overwhelming or find daunting situations in your company, you need to evoke your fighting spirit. To face challenges, ground yourself with support from others and enhance your creativity, self power and wisdom. You must learn what has to be learnt. Running away is not the solution as it will weaken your Root Chakra of stability.

Solution for Career growth

You can desire a new job for enhancing your potential and definitely not for money. The Universe will support you for that. But ensure that there are no unfinished learnings or un handled emotions like anger, fear, frustration, victimisation or guilt in the present job as they will stop you from moving forward. Be grateful to the present Job for it’s role in your path and decide to leave it with no strings attached.

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