Why do some people face delays and obstacles?

Often I come across clients who have issues facing constant struggle & obstacles in life to the point that they start believing that:

• Life is hard
• I don’t get success easily
• Nothing comes to me easily
• I have to try harder than others to get success
• I get what I want after delay to the point that when I get it, it has already lost it’s purpose
• Unless I struggle I don’t get success

What you believe is what you manifest. So it is with these beliefs they face situations and find the same pattern of delays, obstacles and struggles repeating over and over again. My task is to work on each of these fears to release it from their belief system.

So how do these beliefs get settled in their consciousness?

For this we have to understand how life works. Life flows with an intention to make you realize your true nature. And for this it has to awaken your consciousness which is dormant or sleeping. Thus it throws challenges at you with the purpose that you will learn and evoke through handling of the challenges, a few of the following traits within you:

• Survival instinct
• Ability to face challenges
• Self-defence
• Self-esteem
• Self-power
• Ability to stand up for your own opinions
• Forgiveness
• Compassion
• Ability to let go
• Intelligence
• Acceptance
• Contentment
• Surrender

So what is an obstacle then?

What you call obstacles are actually situations in your path to self-realization. You call an obstacle as something which is a hindrance to your goal. But do you think the goal is final? Will there be no goal after that goal? Will you achieve complete happiness and satisfaction after that goal? Or will there be another goal standing on the horizon calling you? The truth is that the word ‘goal’ itself is an illusion; one can feel trapped in it when one views life as a series of goals. Life is a journey and the only way to view the journey is to settle in the ‘Now’ moment.

What are delays?

When you get impatient, the belief settles in you that ‘I don’t get things on time’. When you get impatient, your start controlling the situation as to when and how you should get the results. And when you control it, life loses its natural intelligence to show you the right path. You face delays and to cope up with the disappointment, you prefer to live with the belief that ‘I get things after a long delay’. These beliefs create your reality and actually you start manifesting your desired situation only when you are at the point of giving up. People who face delays in conception, delays in getting promotion, or find delays in getting projects from clients need to address such beliefs. Beliefs are released when they are realised and meditation is the best way.

So to sum it up, people face challenges, delays & obstacles in their life due to the way they view life situations and due to the fears and beliefs they engrain in their consciousness. Life is out there to support you and one needs to view the universe as loving and friendly in order to imbibe what has to be learned in this path of self awakening.

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