What is the primary cause of cancer spreading around the world?

The common thread

Many of the answers to this topic have already been covered by our intelligent readers. So, other than lifestyle and pollution in food and environment, I would like to bring focus to the reason which is, in my view, the primary cause of cancer spreading throughout the world.

With my experience with the many patients, I came across in my counselling, I found a common thread which is “deep-seated fears and negativity to the extent that it caused self-harm”. When we are called creators of our life, then it is clear that if a disease manifests itself, it is our creation.

Nature of Life

The true nature of life is loving, caring and nurturing. Life will only repair and not harm. And even if it seems to harm, the intent is for the growth just as old leaves wither to give way for the new. Life does not judge between good and bad. Life works with the principal of cause and effect. Every cause has a defined effect as per the parameters of the cause. It is humans who define positive or negative as per what they believe in. Did you notice the ‘believe in’? I would like to elaborate further.

You are the creator

Firstly, nothing can be created unless you believe in it and a belief take time to settle in the heart which will happen when you focus on something with deep intent and alignment. So my clients who had ovarian cancer or uterine cancer (the organs ruled by Swadhisthana Chakra) believed that they did not deserve to exist or destruction of their life was much easier than their continuation. They were those who failed miserably in their expectation of themselves or in their close relationships.

Those with cancer infecting the bones, pelvic or rectum (the organs ruled by Muladhara Chakra) were those who did not believe in the nurturing qualities of life. In fact, they believed that they were not safe and life was uncertain.

Those with throat cancer were those who believe they were guilty of some acts. Guilt is the message to the universe that “I have done a mistake” and a mistake needs punishment.

Those who did not allow love to flow through them out of deep grudges, victimisation, discontentment, resentment, non-forgiving and holding-on attitude, aligned themselves to fear & destruction of either the power centre Manipura Chakra which governs the liver or love centre Anahata chakra or the thought centre which is the brain ruled by the Sahasrara Chakra.

How you start believing in negativity?

Notice that while positive thoughts are still and calming and create centeredness, negative thoughts repetitive and take you away from your core self. Now when a person faces repeated negative thoughts which create the painful experience of taking him away from his core centre, the only way the person can come out is to create a belief which aligns with the fear. So for example, if you have a fearful thought of bring betrayed or attacked, you will find it easier to believe that you will be betrayer or attacked and start planning a future strategy hereon. Another example is you are judging a close one’s repeated negative behaviour towards you and you can’t let go of those thoughts, you will find it easier to believe that you are not loveable or that the world is not safe. If you are tormented by the thoughts of having committed a mistake advertently or non advertently you will find it easier to harbour guilt. If you are tormented by thoughts of having a disease because of your lifestyle, you will find it easier to believe that you can handle it after you have the disease.

I believe cancer like many other diseases is an auto-immune disorder and can be healed fully with self-introspection, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and trust in the nurturing qualities of life.

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