An amazing technique to remove fear from your Mind and Heart?

The famous American singer, Tome Petty once quoted –‘Most things I worry about never happen anyway’. It meant that most of the things we worry about are illusion and exaggeration of thoughts created by a fearful mind. Fear is an illusion and an Illusion has the property of coming to you and repeating itself in the mind as it is not the truth. However, when a real life fearful situation comes, you always get the power to deal with it. This can observed and cited in several real life examples like:

• When Bapu Gaidhani Award winner, 2015 -Ramdinthara, a 15 year old boy walked past a live transformer, he noticed two boys struggling hard to free themselves after falling on the fence. He overcame the fear and saved the boys from getting electrocuted by instantly grabbing boys by their hair and pulling them up.

• Similarly in the year 2014, a tiger entered the house of Arjun Singh in Uttarakhand. The 16 year old boy fought with tiger by waving a stick at it until villagers arrived compelling the tiger to run away on seeing the crowd.

What was it that caused these two boys to overcome fear and act with bravery? It is the power one has within which prompts them to defend and act bravely when a fearful situations comes. If you are aware in the moment, then you have all the power to deal with the situation. Fearful thought is more difficult to deal with, as it is simply a thought and not a real life situation. You feel powerless against it because there is no weapon to fight a fearful thought. Some examples of fearful thoughts could be thought of losing your job or thought of losing money in stock market or fear of being cheated in your business or relationship. One can say, it is feasible to deal with real life situation but very challenging/taxing to deal with a fearful thought.

The best technique to do away with fearful thought is as below:

• Sit in quite place in a comfortable posture and close your eyes.
• Look at the thoughts as a witness and see what it is trying to show you. See and observe all emotion of fear, trauma, panic, helplessness and hopelessness it throws at you. See all consequences of thoughts materializing into reality. You may place any light music in this period to bring focus.
• During this period avoid pushing away the thoughts out of fear nor do not try replacing them with positive thoughts. Also avoid any other distraction.
• Hold this position and a time will come when the thoughts will lose steam and hence their power to create any fear in you or grab your attention. They will simply disappear. This time period would ranges between 25-45 minutes. This technique is simply amazing. Do try it and see the results for yourself.

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