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In your day to day life, it is very easy to fall into discontentment and disillusionment. The process starts gradually when you take things for granted. You tend to glorify your tasks and achievements, but do not see the real source responsible for giving you the support or encouragement to do things, nor the energy that granted you the fruits of success.

Whatever you can’t achieve, you blame your “bad luck” or destiny. You think that you have done everything possible, but still did not achieve success, so it must surely be someone else’s fault. These negative emotions block your Crown chakra, which in turn stops the unconditional flow of divine blessings into your life.

For this reason, it is very important to practice Gratitude every single moment of life. More than anything else, an attitude of Gratitude opens you up to the Blessings of the Universe.

Believe and Affirm frequently:

Every single responsibility you carry and the fragrances you smell through the Muladhara…Is His divine grace.

Your Creativity and the Tastes you experience through the Swathisthana…Is His divine grace.

Every Action of yours and the Sights you see through the Manipura…Is His divine grace.

Every Possession of yours and the things you feel through your Heart…Is His divine grace…

Everything you Speak and everything you hear through your Vishudha…Is His divine grace…

Everything you think and everything you perceive through your Ajna…Is His divine grace.

Every breath of yours…Is His divine grace.

Know that whatever you receive every single moment of life is Bhiksha (alms) from His kindness.

Bhiksham Dehi… Whatever the Divine Self feels fit for you, you will receive.

Here is a beautiful Gratitude meditation, which cleans the Sahasrara Chakra of all discontentment :

Gratitude Meditation technique

Play any soothing music or mantras that calm your mind. Let the music permeate every fiber of your being. Now, try to visualize something you revere – your deity, a saint or any form of God that appeals to you. Pay you tribute for this Life that you have been given. Human life is the greatest gift the Universe can give you. Living this human existence is reason enough to jubilate and be grateful. When you thank the Universe, remember all human beings who have made you the person you are today.

Start with your family – the souls who gave you a human birth. Pay your heartfelt tribute to them. Seek their forgiveness for any wrongs that you may have committed towards them. Release any hurt that you feel for them, and forgive them for what they may have done to you.  Forgive from the heart and fill it with gratitude for your family.

Think of every person who has helped you in this lifetime – your friends, neighbours, teachers, doctors, colleagues and so on. Thank them from your heart.

Now try and think of the strangers who were of help to you – your grocer, the man on the street who gave you directions, your tailor, the taxi driver who drove you to an important appointment. Thank them all from your heart.

Think of your (perceived) enemies or competitors and their contribution in your life. Release any hard feelings, resentment or anger you may have against them. Forgive them and seek their forgiveness. Do this from the depths of your being.

Have you thanked God for the daily sustenance He provides you? Did you thank nature for the wonderful fruits, vegetables and dairy products that you enjoy daily? This is the time to give your thanks for everything.

Make your heart full of love and gratitude.

Practice silence for a while even when the music has stopped.

Turn your mind inwards and enjoy the peace inside. With Gratitude you will realize that you open up your life to the blessings of Existence. Gratitude is your means to attain whatever you want in this Existence.

Bhiksham Dehi… Whatever the Divine Self feels fit for you, you will receive in one way or the other.

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