Towards Perfection

Existence is perfect. You as a part of divine existence are also perfect. Yet, you find yourself striving to achieve a gold standard you alone have set for yourself. This fills you with a sense of incompleteness and inadequacy. Animals seem to be completely at peace with how nature created them, and are not aware of any limitations. And you, as a human, and fountainhead of intelligence and creativity seem to have burdened yourself with desires. However, is it desires that burden you?

If you think deeply, what chokes you up with angst is not the desire, but the fear of failure of achieving and manifesting your desires. You are so afraid of failing that you do not even attempt to start something you truly desire. Your desires are a part of the Divine will to create something through you. So you must participate in Life with vigour and vitality to create what you desire. Strive fearlessly. If your heart is crying for something, it means that there is a scope of growth. You alone can satiate your hunger.

 Foremost, accept that you are a consciousness whose intention is to realise itself. Awareness of your imperfections and weaknesses are the very seeds of your growth towards that realisation. Overcoming your weaknesses is your evolution. You overcome your weaknesses by assertive actions. There may be certain aspects of your personality that you cannot change. In that case, accept and honour your unique identity for what it is. Your apparent and perceived weaknesses could be your strengths.

 Honour your desires. Your desires are meant to make you walk on the unique Life purpose you have to fulfil. Your yearnings to turn a sense of incompleteness to completeness are a means to transcend and know that “You are more”!

 Overcome your fear of failure. Our examination-oriented education system has made us afraid of failures. To fail without putting in the efforts may be wrong, but failure in itself can never be wrong. Fear of failure will not allow you to come out of your comfort zone. Refuse to quit and rise every time you fall, for that is the only way to joyfully participate in Life. Replace your ‘fear of failure’ with a ‘desire to learn’, and move on with your life.

Connect with yourself to realise creativity within. Know that you have everything within you to find a solution.

There is a difference between perfection and completeness. On a spiritual level everything is complete. Perfection comes out of our existential nature of being creative. Creativity makes us see what needs to be done to make anything perfect. Also remember that anything that becomes truly perfect ultimately ceases to exist. Because the essence of life is growth. When something stops growing it gets destroyed.

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