How can you free yourself completely of past hurt and pain?

Life is designed with an intention of “You are More” and it constantly evolves you to your higher self. Every situation can be holistically understood only from a spiritual perspective. When seen from an individual eye a situation could seem as fair to someone and unfair to the other, or happiness for someone and sadness for another. For example, you could lose your job and would feel quite unhappy and the person who got promotion in your place could be celebrating. Someone could look very selfish to you, but might be the most generous person on earth for his children. You would be joyful looking at the pretty woman and your wife would be seething with jealously. Understanding this, we come to the point that pain and pleasure are individual definitions. There is indeed something called physical hurt or pain but it is temporary and stays till the body is healed. It is a very necessary emotion needed to keep the body safe. Even a disease comes with a message to convey what is not aligned in your energy system. How often you think about times you have been ill or had a fall or had a surgery and feel sorrowful over it? It is probably never. But emotional hurt and pain stays with you for years if not dealt with the right way. It leaves a wound and keeps on becoming raw everything similar incidents trigger it. No amount of releasing, forgiving, moving beyond works on it. I have clients who come with such emotional scars often. They have visited several healers, gone through EFT and other emotional freedom techniques and also through past life regression with little success. So what is the reason that they are not able to heal this wound? The answer is that the wound itself is an illusion. Hurt and Pain are illusions. They don’t exist. Hence any type of work on them fails as it is like hitting in the dark. I am reminded of the snake and rope illusion. Till you think that the rope is a snake, you will be in fear. But can you kill it? Definitely no because it is a rope. So how to get rid of this fear? Answer is to “See it”. So how to completely free oneself of past memories if they still hurt? The answer is to destroy the definition of hurt and pain itself. There is nothing called “hurt” or “pain” in the emotional sense. Look at the definition in meditation without judgement. Feelings associated with it will arise. Keep on looking at the feelings also. In few minutes, everything will subside and you will be free. Try it.

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