Throwing Light on the Corona Virus Situation

I have some views of mine to share which may seem quite distressing for some. But we have the right to express what comes from within.

Is this lockdown and social distancing really going to work long term? I agree that the 21 day lockdown should be followed sincerely as in this period the chain can be broken in some places and also the administrative system can become ready to tackle the patients better. Also people can use this time to constructively align themselves to what is going to happen emotionally, mentally and physically. However we cannot extend this period longer than this. A country like China had to lockdown for 2 months and still they are not fully operational. Are we ready for a longer period of inactivity? It is impossible that 21 days will curb this spread totally knowing that 100% movement cannot be stopped and with the cramped living spaces as they are in our country. How long can we prevent the Virus from coming in knowing that it is highly infectious? Now that we know that Vaccine is going to take minimum 1 year from coming. How long can we protect ourselves?

4720571630A country like India cannot. People will take to streets from second month onwards. We are already a struggling economy.

1830428074How many lives? When mortality rate is showing out to be not more than 2%, are we really playing economics here? This mortality rate is also more for those with co-morbidity like old age, lowered immunity (cancer patients) and those with respiratory diseases? What if this rate can be reduced further in different ways rather than lockdown the rest of the healthy population? Are we ready to pay the price of bankruptcy, job losses, suicides, mass frenzy?

The social ostracism that infected people are facing is just inhuman. They are treated like criminals and that makes them so anxious and isolated and that further weakens the immune system. What happened to compassion? What happened to fearlessness? Where has faith gone? Even those who believed in God, spirituality, natural healing and positive thinking are engulfed by fear.

We cannot develop enough capacity to even handle the flattened curve given the population of India, if we rely on medical science alone. Govt hospitals are already over 100% capacity. How many new hospitals are we constructing in 2 weeks? 8 weeks?
538844334480% of the infected show none or very less symptoms. Immunity is developed once you have a disease and fight it off naturally. It happens with all diseases whether we agree or not. What if many of us have already had this disease in this period and have staved it off using mother’s recipe of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, lemon and honey. I believe in the fact that if a certain majority of population develops immunity, the disease dies naturally.

It is nature of people to interact and grow and you cannot go against it. Life does not stop its natural course because of an impending disease. It’s nature is to move on.

Fear of the disease it worse than the disease itself. Fear grips the mind and stops wisdom from functioning. A solution will not come till we are open to it with trust.


We are a land of healing and great wisdom. We have the power within us to heal ourselves. We need to invoke that natural healing power within which comes with spirituality. Spirtuality includes a Sattvic diet, Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditation and a tuning to ancient wisdom through reading and hearing Masters. May the genuine Light workers arise and get busy.

Paramedic calms his asthma patient down
We need a different approach now to social distancing. Isolate the high risk people and leave the rest of the working class to go on the field with due precautions. The precautions have to be thought of diligently and enforced.

Develop methods to treat patients at home. As such even the doctors don’t have cure, so why is everyone running to hospitals? Make the medicines that can provide relief available freely. For ventilators we are a country of super intelligent people and we can always have manual battery operated contraptions or even have gas cylinders for that.

We need to train thousands Paramedical staff for home visits. We are a land of love, compassion and charity. Several of them will come forward at this time.

I firmly believe that It is time to come out of the grip of fear created by this Corona Virus and think differently. We have to think more about building immunity in various ways and fighting off this Virus. We have to rise and open our hearts through faith in God, Humanity and Life and Fight rather than Hide.

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