Change your perception about the Corona situation

‘Every single situation, thing, and person in our lives may be seen through one of two lenses: the lens of fear or the lens of love.’

Due to perception we view the glass as half full or half empty and a situation as harmful or as an opportunity. In other words, we believe what we perceive to be accurate, and we try to create our own realities based on these perceptions. And although these perceptions feel very real, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily factual.

We are today in grip of the biggest illusion of perception ever seen since the last half a century. And that is the pandemic of Corona Virus. Many people have come under the paralysing grip of negativity and this has altered their thinking. What you think, so you become and so you attract.

Negative perceptions of people

  • It is so dangerous
  • It is the worst time ever
  • My business is going to fail
  • I will have to take a pay cut
  • My job is not secure any more
  • Something can happen to me and my family
  • I am not safe
  • I should stay at home to be safe
  • This disease kills most of the people
  • Even healthy and young people are dying
  • People around are dying in big numbers
  • Most of the population is infected
  • It is something evil
  • We must have done something wrong to bring it upon us
  • We deserve to suffer for our deeds
  • The Govt and medical system is failing
  • There are no beds in hospitals
  • I cannot trust anyone
  • I am so nervous and overwhelmed

Do you also think as above? Then join millions of them who do the same. They cannot see beyond the lens of fear created due to perception. These perceptions are aided by the media and the pharma giants who have vested interest in this. Now let’s come to some facts
It is indeed infectious with an R0 or transmission factor between 2 to 3 meaning that one person ‘can’ infect this many people. It is much higher than the seasonal flu but less than measles which is between 12-18. This also means that if due precautions like covering mouth and nose is taken and hands are sanitised before touching them to orifices (eyes, nose, ears and mouth), the ratio will come down or even become 0.

Some Facts
A recent study of COVID-19 cases in the United States estimated a mortality rate of 10% to 27% for those ages 85 and over, 3% to 11% for those ages 65 to 84, 1% to 3% for those ages 55 to 64 and less than 1% for those ages 20 to 54. These numbers shouldn’t be taken as the inevitable toll of the virus, however. The case-fatality rate is determined by dividing the number of deaths by the total number of cases. And the number of cases is never accurate as those with few or mild symptoms may never see a doctor. For example, in South Korea, which conducted more than 140,000 tests for COVID-19, officials found a fatality rate of 0.6%. On the diamond princes cruise ship, 707 people caught the virus and six died and this gave a case-fatality ratio of 0.8%. The ratio is higher than the seasonal flu ratio of 0.1%, but much lesser than the 10% case-fatality ratio of SARS, another coronavirus that emerged in China in 2002.

Today the world Corona toll stands at 9.7 million with 4,90,000 deaths since December and about 60% of the infected cases already recovered. Does this look like a very high number of deaths? But what about the fact that 650,000 people die each year from flu and that never gets noticed. In India and China 800,000 people die every month from various causes and we never really looked at that. Statistics say that there are 360,000 births per day and 151,600 people die each day.

Reason for the negative perceptions
It seems more of a misinformation that people are being fed. We hear of people dying from it, but we are not told of the underlying health issues they had been already having earlier. We are not told of people recovering easily from it, but are being constantly flashed about those getting infected from it. The people who dare to step out to fight this fear, become target of mobs if infection spreads. We don’t know how severe this outbreak could get and how many people it would kill. We don’t know if we might be forced into quarantine for two weeks. We don’t even know if we will know if we get it. And whether we can win the battle against it. And amongst these fears, we are being silently fed about need of getting vaccinated and need to shelve out huge amount for medicines coming from some research that actually has not even completed a clinical trial. Even Ventilators that are being touted as lifesaving have failed with 90% of patients who were put on this life support. It is desperation driven by fear that has blinded the people and a clear solution will not come until we clear the lens.

Tuning to positive perceptions

  • It is not so dangerous. It is a situation with certain factors that have both constraints as well as opportunities.
  • It is a time for transformation.
  • My business will rise in newer ways.
  • I will not compromise or sacrifice. Growth is my nature
  • I am secure and supported.
  • Nothing will happen to me and my family. We will fight as we have done for numerous of challenges that came our way.
  • I am safe.
  • I should take due precautions and then move out as needed.
  • This disease kills under 1% of population.
  • I have fought viral and other health issues earlier. I will fight this too.
  • People are dying in usual numbers.
  • It is infectious but it can be managed.
  • Life only teaches through different challenges. I trust life. It loves me. It needs me alive. I tune to “Life” and not “death.
  • I surrender to the lessons this situation has come to teach me.
  • We are loved and nurtured by life that wants us to grow with lessons and challenges.
  • I can home cure myself. I trust my immune system. I trust my body.
  • I am always supported. If I need care, the right help will come.
  • I open myself to love and trust.
  • I will utilise this time to build my creative, patient, spiritual and loving self.

hus it is rightly said that ‘The way we perceive people and situations, defines the way we think and therefore act.’

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