Our Health is in our Hands

Today we are standing on the verge of an economic collapse due to lockdown. Possibility of compulsory vaccination looms in front of us. We are being forced to only see Medical system as an alternative to recovery. There is rush to buy protective gears, kits, gloves, masks, sanitisation equipment and manufacture ventilators and medicines. After this next step would be to pump this in the market for as long as possible. Media is not showing us the truth. What we are seeing is fear, fear, fear. Why is no one speaking up? Why people are not researching what some doctors themselves are saying. I have few points to highlight:

The number of people dying in any country due to Covid-19 is far lesser than the usual number of daily deaths. Can we also have the number of number of deaths happening due to other causes also, so as to see the situation more realistically?

When suddenly accurate tracking software has sprung up in all countries that tracks the number of infections and deaths, can we also make the software tell us age and co-morbidity details of all those who succumbed to the disease, to derive statistics?

Why Lockdown a whole country where several cities did not have a single case? Why bring even a whole city to a grinding halt? Don’t we have the right to work and earn and live normally?

Why alternate therapy is not being promoted and looked into? Have we forgotten the magic of Papaya leaves juice for dengue? Why people in these fields are not being given data to analyse and find a treatment both to treat and to avoid. Why Ayurveda, Yog, Counselling, Homeopathy and likes of them cannot become a main stream treatment for a disease?

When it is collapse of immunity that is shown as the cause, why not work aggressively to find ways to build immunity. What if a Holistic remedy and path comes as the right choice as immunity or resistance power is said to come from inside a person? What if it is time for the world to come out of medical dependency and go inwards towards a more natural, organic and yogic lifestyle?

Don’t we have a right to our health? Why we are being compulsorily locked down because of a fear? When till now the young and healthy population is seeming to be less prone to fatality arising from Covid-19 , why lock them down? I propose people should be given a choice to work or not work with full knowledge.

When transmission of disease is through water droplets, then why not just by wearing masks and gloves and sanitising hands before self contact we can indeed protect ourselves. Why we dont trust the population for their own survival? All we need to do is educate, educate and educate them.

Why this furore over social distancing? It will increase prices everywhere as only few numbers of people can be catered in any area. Educate people about precautions they have to take for their own life. After all they will get the Virus only when they touch their OWN INFECTED HANDS to their ORIFICES (nose, eyes or mouth). If these orifices are covered during communication or contact with people, the virus will not come in we are told.

Why are relatives not allowed to stay with COVID patients? We have the right to be with our loved ones who will take care of us and assure us when we are sick and not be isolated in hospital alone when we are sick. We deserve to have a choice to have an attendant. We deserve the choice to have a decent cremation when we die of COVID with our relatives who are ready to accompany us.

I strongly believe that fear will only stop us from taking the right action. We have to perform our duties for our self and our family and our community. We don’t need anyone to tell us to lock ourselves down out of fear of transmission or compulsorily vaccinate us. Our health HAS TO BE in our hands.

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