Stay in the Now to be successful

“If Not US Who? If Not Now WHEN” ~ John F Kennedy

There is no moment other than Now and no person other than you. Only when you are in the Now, you are YOU. Staying in the present moment will dramatically reduce stress, enhance your happiness, and give you creative insights. Staying in the Now is the only key to success and abundance.

Below are some ways to stay in the Now:

1. Notice your thoughts
Meditate on what stresses you or excites you. That is where your thought go. Know that anything that pulls you away from the blissful now in either pleasure or pain and both are illusions. Notice the below in your consciousness and find the root cause. When you focus on the root cause as a witness, it loses colour and exposes its actual face which is colourless.

• Anxiety
• Worry
• Self doubt
• Victimisation
• Blaming, accusing
• Regret
• Guilt
• Disgust
• Lust
• Pleasure seeking

2. Practice acceptance
Accept the present as a gift. Release all emotions that prevent your from accepting any facet of your life be in self or family or friendships or career. There is no higher truth other than what is happening. Practice brings your present in your consciousness and that gives you the power to change your environment.

3. Focus on your breath
Your breath is a powerful and simple way to ground yourself in the present moment. Whenever you feel unfocussed, take slow deep breaths, and focus on your breathing and count them.

4. Feel gratitude
Gratitude is a powerful emotion that opens up your heart. Look around you and you will feel so many things that you have not thanked the universe for. Heart is your window to the universe and attracts desire fulfilment.

5. Use reminders.
Another way to stay anchored in the now is to use simple reminders like sticky notes on your laptop or tying a string around your wrist that reminds you to be in the Now.

6. Do what you Love
Love brings you in the Now moment. Makes you work your passion and you will never have time for yesterday or tomorrow.

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