What is the best solution to curb the increasing sexual crimes against women?

Understanding the root cause:

Before talking about solutions let us first analyse and understand why such a crime takes place. I would like to explain from the chakra viewpoint. Our body is a complex energy form that consists of 114 chakras out of which the ‘Muladhara Chakra’ forms the foundation for the development of our personality. It forms the basis of our controlled psychic behaviour and it represents our body consciousness and objectiveness. It is the seat of the senses and grounds us to the here and now of the present moment. This chakra is balanced when a person is connected to his family and feels nurtured, stable and supported. Such a person feels part of the society, respects its norms, takes care of his body and also of the physical well being of his immediate environment.

On the other hand if a person does not feel physically supported by his environment, he becomes ungrounded like a plant without roots and starts living in a fantasy world. His gets prone to lust and has tendency to subject himself and others to physical harm. Because of not being in the Now, he is unable to fully comprehend the repercussions of his actions on him or those close to him. A rapist would be one with a severely imbalanced chakra where a person blinded by lust cannot objectively evaluate his actions and their consequences thereof.

This along with other factors that reinforce this negative thought process are:

• Easy availability of sexually explicit content
• Gender discrimination
• Stereotyping women
• Lack of healthy family atmosphere
• Poor economic, mental and physical conditions leading to unhealthy mental health
• Late marriages
• Stressful lifestyles
• Easy availability of alcohol and drugs

Hanging the rapists is not a solution as violence cannot be curbed by more violence. On top of it 95% of the crimes are committed by people known to the victim and also many crimes are not reported due to fear of shame. So in my opinion if genuine efforts are made to make people grounded and stable, we can stop the sexual crime against women.

For this we need to focus on:

• Creation of Job opportunities for all thus offering an economically stable life
• Free education and emphasis on skill based education
• Spreading awareness in school and college levels specially on how to strengthen the family bond (e.g. bond between siblings, husband and wife, children with parents and elders)
• Empowering women emotionally and physically
•. Reinforcing moral values and also making pupils practice the same time and again from a tender age.
• Cultivating and moulding the young brains to respect peers and to understand that a ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’
• Organising recreational physical and mental stimulating avenues like sports, brain stimulation games, family and team activities that create a sense of togetherness and sharing.
• Making martial arts, taekwondo and other such self-defense techniques mandatory at school as well as in every society and area for kids and women respectively.
• We cannot ignore the need for a faster resolution through stricter Law procedures for these cases

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