Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Nowhere to go,
Nowhere to reach,
Nothing to gain and
Nothing to achieve
You are the
Omnipresent consciousness that
Just IS..
.. Neeta Singhal

Mool (Seed) Mantra of Life:

Life is summarized in the mool mantra Sat-Cit-Anand which which embodies your complete essence. It is a celebration of Satyam Shivam Sundaram which means Truth-Auspiciousness-Beauty. You as an awakened Shiva is the truth, brimming with compassion and boundless beauty and joy. In effortless relaxation flows your goalless embracement of the moment. The truth of existence dawns on you and it is an experience of “Godliness. One sees that existence is enlightened, and has been all along.

Satyam the Truth:

Satyam is the truth which is the reality beyond all your perceived notions about it. Everything around you has a meaning beyond what you can see with the two eyes. It is the sum total of all that happened in the past and the seed of what will happen in the future. It has to be embraced in its totality. It is all that exists. Denying it, fearing it, not accepting it will not work. It has to be embraced as the all auspicious Shiva. It is the Shivam. To rshiva-Chakra-Therapyealise yourself as Shivam, completely be in the Now where all judgments and comparisons cease to exist. It is you as a whole presence complete as the Brahman. It is the purest you, your being, untarnished by any ego.

Shivam the Being

As Shivam you live your being. Your initiation, creation, action, experience, expression is as per your true being. Your initiations are guided by your inner Guru, your creations mesmerizing, your actions divine, your experience fulfilling and your expression is poetry.

Sundaram the Beauty

You are total is all acts and that is Sundaram..most beautiful beyond words. You are total in your every act, and that totality brings the third word, Sundram. This beauty is in a flower that blooms, bird that flies, sunrise that glows, artist who sings, painter who paints, a philosopher who speaks. This is the flowering in existence of the consciousness itself. It is available for those who are ready to realise it beyond all the fearful limitations of the ego. It is seen with hearts opened with love.

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