Learning to Trust – Open Yourself to Trust

Do you find it easy to trust? I am sure, the answer would be No. You will argue, saying: how it is possible to trust in the midst of betrayals and loss of expectations? You know how many times your soft “touch-me-not” heart has endured grief and hurt from others.  Today, you have closed your tender heart to protect it from further damage. But dear, closing the heart is shutting yourself from the beautiful experiences out there. It is like travelling in a car with the windows blackened. The scenery outside could be fearful, but it could also be wonderful. Unless you look out of this window, you cannot evolve nor understand how to deal with situations and turn them in your favour.  Till this window is not opened, the true “You” remains hidden from this world.  And unless that happens, you cannot magnetise things or be the creator of your life. Your heart is your window to this world. It is the seat of the Anahata Chakra, which literally means what should not be “struck” or closed.

Consequences of a blocked heart Chakra

When you close yourself to feelings, you miss out on the small joys of life. The beautiful sunrise, birds chirping, dog wagging its tail, the baby gurgling and the warm eyes of your mother are missed as you fearfully glance here and there with mistrust. You cannot identify with your desires as the seat of desires, which is the heart, is blocked. You become mechanical in your relationships and career and become more of a “Doing” rather than “Being”.

Is all this enough to realise that it is time for me to open up my heart?

Maybe Yes

But how do I open?

Know that the world will not change unless you change. So start with yourself. What harm can the world possibly do to you if you do not allow it? What will they take away from you that you do not give them? When open-yourself-to-trustyou become aware of your self-power and your boundaries, how can anyone trespass on them? Secondly, do you think there is anyone who actually “cheats or betrays” you? Have you considered that people behave as per their personal definition, priorities, limitations, weakness and beliefs, but you term it otherwise. No one backstabs anyone on purpose. It is their perception at that moment which makes them behave differently than what you expect. All these situations teach you vital lessons of self-power and of seeing situations and people the right way. People change with time and you cannot be having a fixed definition for anyone. Once you have your controls in place, no one can take you by “surprise”.

So dear, open yourself to trust. Love, compassion and joy are your natural traits. You are the Sat, Cit and Anand.

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