Rise Above The Bitter Memories of The Past

The hurt, pain and grief settled in the heart are always due to the ones you held closest to yourself. Life has its strangest ways to teach you that despite all the bad, learning to love is important and the best quality to have. Life gives you the pain, only so that you can learn to process it and ultimately pave the way to tune to Love. And it seems to choose the time when you are most vulnerable and needy.

Were you disappointed when the ones you cherished left your hand at a crucial time or did not support you or stood up for you? Their actions, behaviour, short sightedness or selfishness hurt you to the core but you could not even voice it out due to fear of losing them or other certain kind of controlling factors at that time. Even though today situation has changed but these memories play up in front of your eyes when similar events show their ugly faces on-and-off. A client of mine told me that her mother in law tortured her emotionally and physically during early years of her marriage and all her husband did was showed helplessness and asked her to keep silent. There was a time when she had an early abortion and she had to take the rickshaw herself to go to hospital alone. These memories scar the heart that seems impossible to heal. Today the husband and wife live independently and her husband has been showering her with love and gifts but still she feels unable to move on from the bitter memories of the past.

So how to handle this bitterness of close relationships? In essence, you cannot blame them, accuse them, turn away from them or detach. It is understandable if that acceptance of the past behavior seems impossible. But, the only solution is to understand that these situations came to teach you valuable lesson of letting go and rise above this. Think of a Lotus flower in a muddy and murky pond. The stem of the lotus derives its nutrition from the fertile soil, basically the Lotus teaches us, that greatest of lessons of courage, self-worth and self-power come from arising from these situations. So be in in gratitude that you have learnt the valuable lessons, rise above and shine.

If you do not rise above this, slowly your Heart Center (Heart Chakra) will close. An imbalanced Heart Chakra is easy to bring-in-balance but a closed Heart Chakra takes a long time to open and blossom once again.

A person with the balanced Heart Chakra is able to effortlessly create and manifest their dreams, have new relationships…everything one truly desires. They enjoy loving and empathetic relationships at home, at work and in their community. They display openness, spontaneity, generosity, and trust.

A person with an imbalanced Heart Chakra self-obstructs everything good their way. They tend to sabotage relationships with mistrust, anger and revenge. This person finds it difficult to enjoy every good that life has to offer. They manifest heart diseases, and other health problems.

A person with a closed Heart Chakra suffers depression, loss of feelings, heart diseases, and other health problems.

They always see everything with mistrust, suspicion and has constant mind and heart conflict situations, and are unable to enjoy anything properly in life.

In essence, your Anahata or Heart Chakra (located in the center of your chest) represents choosing higher emotions such as compassion, generosity, letting go, forgiveness, faith, and victory over the lower emotions like rigidness, revenge, mistrust, selfishness.

So Rise in Love to tune to your true nature.

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