Your Heart and Soul knows the Secret to unlimited and uninterrupted God’s grace

You might say I worship GOD by following all the rituals, I say my prayers, I am pious and so on. But, if you are not getting God’s unlimited and uninterrupted grace, then there is something you need to learn. You are caught up in a certain way of thinking that is not going much far. To become eligible for God’s unlimited and uninterrupted grace, one needs to understand that God represents PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. God loves each and everyone no matter what. PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS GOD. By loving unconditionally we become God-Like. But, living in this world with the logical mind that is always looking for give-and-take, it can at times become difficult to love people unconditionally. Especially, loving people unconditionally who have hurt us, who have betrayed us, and who have not met our expectations is really difficult. But, harbouring resentment and hatred for people, and harbouring unforgiveness, we end up creating conflicts in our mind and in our heart which affects the quality of our thoughts, behaviour, our outlook to life, and the mind and heart does not work in equanimity to receive God’s unlimited and uninterrupted grace. Essentially, learning to become neutral with people who have betrayed us, and learning to bring pure thoughts for them, and learning to love unconditionally no matter what is the most assured path to receiving God’s grace uninterruptedly.

Meditate to heal and purify your soul.

1. Cleanse your emotions for the past and future and for people

2. Forgive those you who have hurt you

3. Learn the higher truth of understanding even your enemies

4. See life through the eyes of True Knowledge that each one is a role play of the divine

5. Learning to look inward through understanding your Chakras, meditations and everything that takes you from your lower nature qualities to higher nature qualities

This will bring you in a state of readiness to receive the unlimited and uninterrupted grace. This is a lesson of the Sahasrara chakra located on the top of the head which is in the form of a 1000 petal lotus.

A person with balanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra feels the connection with the Higher Power and displays warmth in heart, love, immense gratitude and contentment for everything in his/her life.

A person with imbalanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra displays pessimistic attitude, feels alienated with the world and lacks faith and hope.

Learning to love Unconditionally requires deepest compassion. With this His Grace will flow unlimited and uninterruptedly in your Life.

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