Properties of Parad

Parad or Mercury and its mystic, astrological and medicinal properties are mentioned in numerous ancient Vedic texts such as Brahma Purana and Linga Purana. Parad has great religious significance, it is considered as the most pure and auspicious among all metals, it also symbolizes Lord Shiva. Due to its medicinal properties it is extensively used in Ayurveda.

Parad is also known as ‘Rasa’ meaning liquid as in nature it is found in liquid form. For usage
Parad is solidified which should be done as per Parad Samhita. During the solidification process Parad undergoes 8 samskaras or stages of purification. The result is 100% pure solidified Parad with no other metal. Various articles such as Shivlings, Gutikas (beads), Rings, Bracelets, Malas, Pyramids and more are then made from the solidified Parad.

Benefits of Parad are numerous wearing or using the same leads to relief from all misfortunes and planetary doshas. Parad helps attract prosperity and success; it also helps enhance concentrations, memory and will power. As per Brahma Purana a devotee who worships a Shivling made from Parad will enjoy all worldly pleasures and will attain salvation eventually.

Worshipping a Parad Lingam especially during the upcoming Sharavan month helps devotees fulfill all their wishes. Parad can be worn or can be kept in an individual’s Puja Altar, home or workplace as Parad invites auspiciousness, harmonizes the aura and remove the negative energy.

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