Top 10 Chakra Vastu Tips

1. Brahmasthana or the centre of the dwelling should always be kept clean and open without any construction.

2. Puja room or altar should be in the Northeast direction in a dwelling as the Northeast direction is where the divine energy resides.

3. Kitchen should be in the Southeast corner in a home. In an office the Southeast direction should be used for board room, sales and marketing department and conference room.

4. The bedroom should be in the South direction in a home. In an office the South direction should be used for owner’s cabin or storeroom.

5. West of the dwelling is where the creative energies reside and thus in a home Children’s study room and in an office conference room or designing room are best suited in the west direction.

6. The Northwest direction is best suited for living room and dining room in a home or sales and marketing department in a work place.

7. In an office the owner should sit facing the North or the East direction as these directions provide maximum positive vibes.

8. Wooden beds without storage or anything beneath them are best for sleeping.

9. Rooms, tables and other furniture should be preferably rectangle or square shaped.

10. Preferably there should be a wall behind the seat of the owner, also owner of the office shouldn’t sit with his back towards the main door.

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