Patience is a Virtue

The 21st century is the age of speed and most people are under the impression that by hurrying up, they will get more things done. This is an illusion. For every process there is a certain duration, and what you don’t realise is that rushing things can lead to outcomes that are not desirable.

In today’s world, individuals are unwilling to wait for anything. This may be due to technology, competition and the fact that there is a lot of experience to be gained in very little time. So what happens? When you want quick outcomes for your efforts, you tend to give up early and easilyYou are hesitant to wait, persist or struggle. You will tend to rush from one task to another, giving up what seems to be an obstacle and seizing up what seems to be easy.

There is a story about a wise king, who ruled a bunch of lazy subjects. To motivate them to work, he had a big hole dug in the middle of the road to the Kingdom and buried a pot of gold in it. For a whole week, people went around the hole on carts and on horses, cursing the road, but no one lifted a finger to do anything. The young man who finally brought a cart of sand and soil to fix the hole found the pot of gold. In the same way, unless you try to solve a problem, you won’t realise beyond which obstacle lies your pot of gold.

It takes time to do everything, time to build trust, time to develop understanding, learn a  process, build relationships or even understand the possible causes of your failure. Whether you are trying to set up a business or investing in human relationship, it will take you a while to develop friendship, get the confidence, acceptance, respect and love. Technology can surely speed up the process, but you cannot replace an entire process with technology. Today, sending emails is the quickest way to communicate overseas, but you need time to build trust and build a business relationship. Technology and emails can facilitate that process, they cannot replace the process in its entirety.

You need to realise that the universe unfolds itself when the time is right. Everything, from the changing of the seasons, the movement of the planets and solar systems, even an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual growth cannot be rushed because they have to take  their own time. When you become too attached to the outcome of a situation you become impatient.

Introspect whether the outcome is the only thing you are looking for. And will this outcome not lead to another outcome? Are you prepared for that? Take the process itself as a journey which is finally going to help you evolve. Sometimes you will see the outcome you are attached to, is not destined for you. When you are involved and absorbed in the process entirely, only then you get that which is meant for you.

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