Significance of Maha-Lakshya-mi

In Hindu mythology, the deity Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of fortune and prosperity who has the power to enrich and nourish the world. Goddess Mahalakshmi is often depicted sitting on Her Pristine Lotus above a Swamp. There are two elephants in the background, pouring water on her with their trunks.

The word Lakshmi comes from the Sanskrit “lakshya” which means aim or purpose. This gives Lakshmi the symbolism of knowing and understanding your goal. Sitting balanced inside a floating lotus, Lakshmi signifies that amidst all the negativity and obstacles that threaten to pull you down, you do have a personal space that is pure and fertile. Riding on the lotus, Lakshmi tells you that you should move towards your aim by rising above everything that pulls you down.

Just as a lotus (a symbol of fertility or creation) grows in a swamp, yet remains untouched by the surrounding dirt, you must not be perturbed by the swamp of negativity around yourself. The stem of the lotus sits lies immersed in the swamp, implying that the lotus is nourished by the swamp, which signifies fertility. Similarly, you must take from your circumstances any lessons that might help empower you to move forward in life.

The lotus does not mind the mud. It does not fight or struggle against it. If you struggle against mud, what will be the outcome? It will either suck you in and drown you or spatter you with filthy spots. Similarly, you must aim to rise above your circumstances with purity rather than resisting your surroundings.

Lakshmi’s mount, the owl signifies one’s patient attempts to observe and discover knowledge at a time when one is surrounded by darkness. As a bird that is blinded by daylight, the owl also serves as a symbolic reminder that you should refrain from blindness and greed, once knowledge and wealth has been acquired.

The twin elephants pouring water at the back symbolise the watering down of all memories. You need to dissolve all memories of the past if you are to be content in your present and build a positive future.

Understand that intelligence is the essence of every human being. You are meant to use it at all times to create situations in your favour. Whenever a person is threatened with negative outcomes he/she gets embroiled in it and sinks deeper in the swamp or intelligently rises above the swamp and creates new opportunities.

The purpose of every single yogic path in this world is to help us align with our innate intelligence. So meditate more and BE IN THE NOW, explore yourself and resolve to find intelligent initiates to tackle every situation.

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