Nothing is Greater than Something

Today I want you to think about the power of 0. Do you realise that “nothing” always wins because it is ever present? 0 is bigger than any number because it’s always there. Darkness is stronger because it cannot be moved, unlike light.

The Bhagvad Gita says the Universe or sansar was created out of nothingness or zero. In His unmanifest form, God in also shunya, a 0. Whereas in His manifest form, He is infinite. So, in essence, from zero springs infinity!

Similarly, your true essence is being nothing and in this form, you are everything. Your birth is like a wave that has taken shape on the surface of the Ocean. When you compare itself to the nearby Wavelets, some are bigger than you, some stronger while others are weaker. Some are near the illusive shore of Maya, some are still further away from the assumed goal.

You think of yourself as having a separate identity, as a special being, and you try hard to protect that form. But in the moment your identity goes and you become nothing, you have actually attained everything. You become the Vast Ocean itself.

Similarly to progress in life you don’t have to learn anything new. You only need to eliminate the unwanted baggage that you have brought along in form of perceptions and definitions gained from life’s experiences. Your evolution will take place when you remove certain things from your Being.

  • Remove hatred to let love shine
  • Remove fear to let courage show
  • Remove low self-esteem to allow self-worth
  • Remove struggle to let your creativity play
  • Remove hurt and grief to experience peace
  • Remove past baggage to realise self-power
  • Remove ego to gain your true identity
  • Remove instability to realise support
  • Remove mistrust to know compassion

Things like stress, worries, fear, hatred and grudges become burdens on the heart. Your limiting beliefs weigh you down and disturb your core essence. When you release them, you  will become what you truly are.

This is why healing therapies don’t actually give you anything. Instead they take away some things you don’t need. Nearly every Puja offering like camphor, incense, coconut, betel nuts, rice grains, flowers, ringing bells and mantra chanting symbolise some of these things that are actually knots of your being and have to be released.

Through your sadhana and surrender try to make yourself lighter and lighter till you become a 0. Until you become pure light, so light that you reach Enlightenment.

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