Always Stay Positive

At times when nothing in your life is going your way and you have control over nothing, there still remains something you can change, something that remains within your control. It is your Attitude, your response to what life is throwing at you.

No matter what your situation, you always have a choice: you can either look at the sunny side or reflect on the dark side of things. Attitude can make all the difference in what you become and what you make of your life. In fact, whether you are facing a “situation” or a “challenge” depends entirely on your vision. It is what you make it to be.

Dealing with Failure

It’s not easy to remain unmoved when you are faced with failure. But never think of yourself as someone “crushed” or “hit” by failure. These are merely your definitions that will limit your potential. If you have failed at something, try and see things in the light of that failure. See what you have learnt from this experience rather than dwelling on what you have lost and being gloomy with self rejection,

Once you get into the learning mode, you will see why things happened the way they happened. You will realise that the situation was meant to evolve you to a higher level. If you view everything as an obstacle and fret and fume about it, you are learning nothing from the  crucial lessons that life is showing you.

Dealing with Loss

If you have lost your job, don’t think of it as a loss of liveihood. Don’t view this incident as failure staring you in the face. This incident simply means that the universe is steering your towards something different, maybe a work of your choice, something that will nudge you towards your real life purpose.

If you have lost a friend or a loved one or a precious relationship, do not drown yourself in a sea of self pity, negativity or victimsation. Instead keep alive the person’s memory in your heart. Go over the good times you shared and relive the lessons learnt from the relationship. The purpose of the relationship was to teach you something, and once the lesson is learnt, you are ready to move forward in life.

Rise above Duality

Know that duality is inevitable in this world rife with Maya. The play of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, love and fear, life and death will go on forever. In order to navigate this life through the clouds of maya, you have to decide which side you want to align with.

If you align with the positive elements of life, you will develop the wisdom to deal with every situation.

When you align with the negative, you will be sucked in an illusionary loop of hope and despair, disaapointment, negativity, mistrust and self rejection.

How to cultivate Positivity

Catch yourself everytime you find yourself sinking in a “victim mode.”

Train yourself to view your glass as half full always rather than half empty.

Practice positivity for 21 days in the New Year and it will slowly become a way of life.

Study the lives of people who overcame severe odds and achieved greatness. There are many many examples around you, if you look:

British physicist Stephen Hawking has spent most of his life in a wheel chair because of crippling motor neuron disease. The condition didn’t stopped Hawking from being one of the sharpest minds and most admired scientists in history.

Beethoven, the greatest music composer of all time, lost his hearing in mid-20s and was totally deaf in later life. But his continued to compose, his most brilliant and timeless work coming in the years of total deafness.

Acclaimed classical dancer Sudha Chandran met with an accident which resulted in the amputation of one leg. However, she continued her dancing career with a prosthetic leg and became an inspiration to millions.

Arunima Sinha lost one leg when she was pushed from a moving train by a gang of dacoits. Armed with a prosthetic leg, she became the first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest two years after her “accident.” Far from being pitied as a handicapped person, she overcame her disability and made her place in history books.

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