What is your personal power? – Lessons of Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra is symbolized by a yellow ten-petal lotus, and is located at the solar plexus. It corresponds to your personal power. It governs organs like stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, abdomen and middle spine behind solar plexus. That is why, when you feel scared or powerless, you feel butterflies in your stomach. The element of this Chakra is the fire. Fire radiates and transforms matter into energy giving light and warmth. Just like Sun is the generator of energy for the earth, similarly, the fire element of Manipur Chakra generates energy and distributes it to the rest of the body. We can think of this Chakra as a glowing yellow Sun, radiating through the centre of our body.

What is your personal power? Your personal power is what you can give to the world by way of your talents, your opinions and your unique identity by which you perform a particular role in this life. Personal power can be expressed freely only after you have self-belief. Self-belief comes with the realization that the source of your energy and your power is the universal consciousness or God. With this awareness, your personal power over the world does not make you egoistic. It instead makes you warm and compassionate and a giver When your Manipura chakra is open and balanced, you exercise the choices in your life and become in charge of your own destiny. You are also able to choose your own beliefs rather than conforming to the external beliefs imposed upon you. You are never a victim, but a natural leader who is centred in his power with a sure sense of your own self.

What stops you from sitting like a King in your Seat of Power?

What could be the reasons for denying, suppressing and holding back your personal power?

Lessons of Manipura Chakra:


You are dependent on others be it family, friends, your job or business, for physical, emotional, financial, and mental support. Because of this dependency, you develop fear of losing goodwill or fear that your expectations will not be met from a person or a situation. You always try to control a person or situation to your advantage. You do not allow it Free will. When your expectations are not met, you develop grief, frustration and non-acceptance. This stops you from expressing your power and you are afraid. You never take any risks be it in personal life or professional life.

The lesson is to extricate your own self from dependency of any kind and become independent in all respects. Your Manipura Chakra is the relationship of yourself with the rest of the world. You can exert an influence over the world only when you view all relationships as partnerships that you form in life to fulfil your life purpose and human experience. Only when you believe in your independence and your opinions, will you get a momentum to express your power and take action.

As you disentangle yourself from limiting beliefs of dependencies and attachments, you find yourself realizing your power.

• You have the power to say “No thank you, that is not for me” when a social invitation, job or behaviour within a relationship doesn’t feel right, without worrying about what the other person (family, society, colleagues etc.) might think of you.

• You have the power to say “Yes” when a new opportunity comes your way to take you out of your comfort zone to take leaps of faith into the unknown.

• You have the power to confront others in an assertive way.

• You have the power of vision to see ahead.

• You have the power to manage and handle whatever situations you come across in your daily life.

• You have the power to take charge of your life with discipline, integrity and commitment.

The energy of Manipura chakra allows you to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows you to meet challenges and move forward in your life. Circumstances of life put you into an illusion of dependencies and powerlessness. Release yourself of these bondages and discover your inherent Power.

Watch this video to learn How to Develop Your Power through Manipura Chakra:

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