Can change of Name Change your Destiny

Our name gives us an identity. The sound of our name is a vibration that we hear and respond to all the time. Sound plays an important role as it creates vibration that affects our mind in various ways. In order for a name to have a positive vibration on you, in Hindu culture we are advised to keep name as per Nakshatra or birth star. This makes the person harmonious with the energy of his guiding planets. A name in Sanskrit is beneficial as Sanskrit is made of primordial sounds that stimulate the chakras. Sanskrit names also have a deep meaning. For example, Pushti is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore this name would attract abundance. Similarly, Vanishri, another name for Goddess Saraswati would vibrate with Her energy of knowledge and Aanandhita meaning the Happy One would evoke joyous feelings. It is very important to have a name which has a good and positive meaning. Just because a name is in trend or is a sweet sounding word, that itself does not qualify it as a good name because meanings have a deep impact on our psyche and feelings. It is very important to know the meaning of your baby’s name before making a final selection. English names resonate with the meaning, emotion and characteristics we have given to them. Therefore it is a good idea to research about the meaning of the name. For example, there are some English names which denote sadness, pity, tears or loneliness. Such names cannot give good vibrations and should not be kept. Examples of English names with good vibrations are: Rose, meaning somebody who is beautiful and fragrant; Angelin, means somebody who is like an angel and has positive vibration of guiding spirit; Andrew means somebody who is manly and would have the vibrations of bravery and courage. Names kept after legends like Arthur or Hector or Gods like Krishna and Kartikeya will vibrate with their characteristics.

Numerological Change of Names

It is a trend among some people to change the name only in a numerological way, by adding extra ‘a’ or ‘e’ or ‘o’. While it does change the spelling, it does not change the vibrations of the name, because it sounds the same and it also has the same meaning. Change of name should change the vibration associated with it, which will happen only if the meaning is changed or the complete sound of the word is changed.

Does Changing the Name really Change anything?

What is important in life is self-acceptance. If today, because of all your past experiences, you are finding it difficult to accept yourself, sometimes a change of name aligns you to a new identity. You hear your name maximum hours of the day, so it would be useful that its meaning is something that you accept about yourself and also defines who you truly are or wish to be. If you decide to give yourself a fresh identity, in that case, make sure that the name you choose is:

 Aligned to your Nakshatra or birth star. This way your name will get positive vibrations from the Nakshatra.

 The vibrations and the meaning of the name are as per the qualities you want for yourself in your life.

 Preferably choose a Sanskrit name or chose a name as per your country and culture.

A name fulfilling the above characteristics can bring about a surge of positive energy in your life. Change of name however will not change your destiny. Destiny is a far bigger concept to be affected by change of name. In the long run, if you have self-belief and have aligned to your true Self, your physical name, your lineage, your accomplishments in material world do not define you. Your true essence is extraordinary and nameless. Finally, one could also quote Shakespeare and say: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

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