Impatience: Everything you want right now

In today’s world most people are impatient. Do you always find that time is slipping from your hands? There is not enough time to achieve all the goals that you want in life, reach all the places that you want to go and do all the fun things that you want to indulge in. You don’t have enough time to listen to what your children have to say, or to gossip with and chatter away with your friends and loved ones. How long has it been since you relaxed and looked at the beautiful world around you?

Take a look around and you’ll find that everyone is running after a goal. Just pause and think for a while. Is this life all about achieving something? And once you achieve, do you really think that you will sit back and relax and enjoy life? Once you achieve a goal, a new goal will take its place, and again you’ll find yourself in a hurry to achieve it. So, basically it’s an endless cycle and you’ll find yourself getting impatient all over again.

This impatience takes away all the happiness from your life. It makes you miss the tiny moments of joy and new opportunities and leaves you feeling frustrated and agitated. Note that impatience is caused by your ego which makes you live either in the past or the future. When you get yourself aligned to this ego, you have knowledge but not intelligence. Intelligence comes only when you live in the ‘Now’. Actually, by creating impatience, you are only creating more perils for yourself. You first create complications and problems, and then waste time solving them.

Instead of this, if you choose to live in the ‘Now’, life becomes easy, and it is less complicated and knotted. Living in the present makes you find smarter solutions to all your problems and better options to choose from. So the key is: live in the present, to live in the ‘Now’.

But what will make you come in the ‘Now’? There are too many problems around you and innumerable fears inside you. How do you overcome them?

The answer lies in ‘Love’!

Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever experienced that magical moment of sitting beside a loved one and experiencing time stop? Have you witnessed a breathless moment which can be anything like beautiful scenery, an amazing picture, listening to soulful music, something that takes away your sense of time? Here lies the answer.

Only love will make you come in the ‘Now’. Look intensely and closely at your current job, your circumstances or your situation and realize that you love it. Only love will instil in you the wisdom to make these moments of the present more beautiful and fruitful.

So fall in love with your work, your colleagues, your environment, with the people around you, with yourself, and eventually with LIFE

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