Do you have trouble staying Organized?

Many people struggle to keep up with their daily routine and chores, blaming their fast paced life and the numerous distractions for the lack of time. Here are some simple tips for leading a more organised life:


There is a place for everything and therefore, everything should be put in its specific place: This will help you find things later without hassle.


There is a time for everything and everything should be in its time. Time can be managed only through discipline. Scheduled time-slots for everything, don’t just leave things to convenience. Prioritise the most important tasks first. A timetable is not just for school children, it can make every adult’s life more organised.


Anything that can be done even 70 per cent as efficiently as you can do, must be delegated to others.


Every repetitive process must be systematised with a checklist. If paper/technology does all the remembering, your mind will be free to think.

Learn from glitches

After each mistake, correct the system that allowed this mistake, change the loopholes that allowed things to go wrong in the first place. Every mishap is a tool for your to make your system fool-proof. You cannot avoid mistakes, but you can stop repetition of the same mistakes.

Focus on big things

Your day is punctuated with irritants. The driver coming late, the maid not turning up, the dress not ironed properly, lunch box not closed properly, a phone from a call centre, a vehicle parked in front of your gate, power cuts, spam email, unnecessary SMS, ever-complaining colleague, a non-factual judgement about you.

Know that your peace deserves more attention than the factors that disturb it. Your peace is more important than anything else. Fix the irritants that you can and leave small things small. Reserve your attention to focus on the bigger things in your life.

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