Do you think you are spiritual? How can you measure someone’s spiritual quotient?

Every one of you who is part of the spiritual community and who has participated in this debate is spiritual. Spirituality is found by looking within and discovering your true nature. You are all on the path towards self- realisation and you are all spiritual. However, the degrees of your spiritual quotient can be measured by asking yourself the following four questions:

Physical health

Are you physically healthy? Free of diseases, aches and pains? Know that a healthy soul resides in a healthy body. To maintain a healthy body you need will power, discipline and commitment, which are the pillars of spirituality. If you have answered yes, you still have blockages to clear on this path.

Mental health

Is your mind fairly focussed and stress-free? How much are you living in the Now (present moment)? Are you still in the grips of the past? Or running towards illusionary future? Are you in the role of a father, mother, son, or colleague/employee/employer or do you know that you are the player of these roles, and thus live with a certain detachment? Are you mentally free from dependencies and responsibilities to seek your truth? Are you free from the clutches of goals and targets or you enjoying life as it unfolds, with its mysteries and spontaneity? Are you controlling what happens with you and when?

Also ponder: Do you have cordial and creased out relationships with everyone – your parents, your spouse, your kids, your colleagues and your boss? Do you feel emotionally balanced and have control over your moods? If yes, then you are on the right track, else you need to resolve the issues on these fronts before He accepts you.

Emotional health

Is your heart open to love and compassion? Or do you live in the grips of mistrust. Know that spirituality is all about oneness. It means not only evolving and cleansing your soul, but also cleansing the reflection you see in the mirror of the world. Ultimately, to realise your highest truth, you have to realise the oneness of the Soul.

Readiness for action

Are you ready to act without being in the clutches of limitations, fears and beliefs? A spiritual person is always ready to act without inhibitions. He is non-judgemental and simple without Ego. He has a childlike innocence in his outlook towards life and is full of joy, compassion and love for everyone. He is ready to do what is demanded of him and he will ready to follow his soul desires.

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