How to open your heart to trust?

Your heart is like a ‘touch me not’ plant. It closes at the slightest hurt and pains deeply at suffering. The softest and the most sensitive part of your body. When happy, it flowers up like a fully blossomed Sunflower and everything around you looks so beautiful.

Emotions that close the heart

Heart closes due to fears and perception of hurt, betrayal, grief, negativity, non-acceptance, expectations, uncertainty and control to mention a few. Every chakra in the body is connected to the heart and closing of any chakra, closes the heart also. For every chakra, there is a specific fear that blocks it, like Muladhara gets blocked due to fears of survival, Swathisthana gets blocked due to fears of being attacked and so on. And the word “fear” itself blocks the heart chakra.

In a relationship, your heart flowers to love when there is trust. However, when the trust is broken which happens if the person behaves in a way you could never expect or he went against your interest, you find it hard to trust the same person or even another person. A hurt heart leads to pain and suffering and these pains and sufferings are so intense that you decide not to flower your heart for anyone lest you should feel the same pain.

Consequences of a Closed heart

With a closed heart, it seems easier to move on in life as the feelings have been shut off and you do not feel the pangs of suffering very intensely. After all the instrument (heart) that felt it, has been switched off. However, a closed heart closes you to Joy in life and makes you fearful, tense and disbelieving. You feel lost and disoriented due to the absence of your inner guide that is your inner feelings. Heart is also the seat of desires and fulfilments and you block this major aspect of your life due to shutting yourself off your feelings.

Now the question is how to open up your heart to trust?

You cannot be possibly move around with a closed heart for long. Heart is the seat of prana (vital life source) and a depleted life source sucks away all of your energies in life both personal and professional.

Now when you try to open it, you are confronted by the memories of your past hurt and pains which collect together to become one large dark cloud that terrifies you.

Ways to open your heart:

1. Release the feelings of hurt, grief and pain that reside in your heart. The technique for releasing, I have mentioned here

2. Forgive the person or persons for what they did advertently or inadvertently. For forgiveness I have written a blog here

3. Realize that you have power in all situations to handle. You handle a situation in one of the five different ways described here in this video

4. Know that forgiveness is about personal power. You can open your heart when you are seated in your power.

5. Now realize that there is nothing called betrayal, hurt or mistrust. These are all personal definitions. What you define a betrayal could not be so for the other person. He would have acted out his priorities, limitations, beliefs or weaknesses.

6. Expectations also a personal definition where you choose to believe what is right for you or what is not right for you.

7. What if everything in the world is complete and the truth? Whatever situation you are facing is finally making you realise your higher self and your power to Let go, forgive, accept and use your intelligence to move on to higher horizons.

With this knowledge, you need to surrender to life which has taken care of you till today and open up your heart to trust. Know that “an open heart makes a beautiful you and the best thing is that it is in your control.”

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