Are most people happy or unhappy in this world?

However hard it is to admit, the real fact is that no one is happy. A child is born crying into a world of suffering. It may seem hard to believe because you have been living thinking that there are many people around you who seem happy and you too will be happy one day.. when

• you will complete your education,
• or get job of your choice
• or work hard and get promotion
• or marry a person of your choice
• or when your children grow-up
• or when you go on that holiday
• or when you’ll finally have your new house
• or when you will finally get rid of loans… etc etc

The Dual Nature of Happiness

There are phases in life that you feel you are happy.. but your happiness is always short lived. It comes like night comes after day. Pain follows pleasure and sadness follows happiness. Whatever makes you happy is the very thing that makes you unhappy. For other things you are neutral. So if your relationship, job, money, food or activity is the source of your happiness, the same thing has power to give you worries, anxiety, loss of expectation, fear of losing, craving, want and feeling of non-fulfilment.

The Myth of Happiness

Today the world is running after the myth called happiness. People feel that they lack somewhere and that is why they are not as happy as the other person. Companies are selling “happiness” by way of material things or services like that beautiful clothing or that bag or that dessert or that jewellery or perfume or that exclusive holiday which will make you happy. Motivational speakers are telling people that they just have to work a bit more harder, push more and believe in themselves and their dreams to become super rich, super lucky and fulfill their desires. Well alas, the truth is far away from this. Happiness is that elusive maiden who peeps through the clouds and runs away with big promises leaving you high and dry. It shows the below features

• It seems that happiness is tomorrow
• When it comes, it is short lived
• It comes with some side effect like pain tagging along with it
• It is dependent on achievement of some goal, target or desire.
• It is never certain or definite. Coming to think of it, when life in itself is uncertain, one cannot dream of ‘certain’ happiness.

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