Anger erupts like a fire ball from your belly which is seat of manipura chakra, when you find yourself not aligned with the outside situations. It arises when:

• you find obstructions in your path and towards growth
• someone challenges your authority
• someone ridicules you and your self-respect is hurt
• things are just not the way you want them to be

Non channelized and unbridled anger destroys relationships, creates stress and anxiety, and makes you feel frustrated and helpless. Anger stops your intelligence from finding a solution to a situation that created anger at the first place. People in trying to deal with anger, do it in the following way:

• Repress the anger within themselves.
• Divert the mind and not look at the situation that causes anger.
• Ignore the situation that causes anger.

Repressed anger is very harmful because it stems from helplessness, frustration and guilt. And all these emotions burn you from inside and sooner or later you will manifest the physical ailments. Ignoring a situation is not a wise thing to do because whatever obstacle you face, will return in monstrous form and then it will be even more difficult to handle it.

Steps to control Anger

Firstly know that anger is an energy which needs to be channelized effectively:

• Honour your Anger. Respect it as a useful energy which has arisen in you to change what seemingly cannot be changed in normal circumstances. Anger gives you that needed momentum to get the courage to uproot evil, sometimes express what you could not in a normal situation and bring about positive transformation.
• Now when you respect this energy, know that it is your choice how you use it, and be ready to face the consequences. You could use it as a nuclear missile to destroy relationships, to destroy worth of other people, or to vent out your non-acceptance to a situation.
• You can use it constructively by invoking a warrior energy to establish authority and defend your boundaries of self-respect when necessary. You can use this energy to get the necessary momentum in your physical body to change yourself, and transfer similar momentum around you to change others.

It is very important to trust yourself and have self-belief. Believe in your own opinions and do not be overtly self-critical. Realize that anger is showing you something that is not aligned to your path which must be changed. Respect this energy. Surrender to this energy and be guided by this energy.

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