Good Morning Monday

If there is one ailment every working professional has been a victim of, it is ‘Monday Morning Blues’. Every individual, whether he holds a lower position or a high-post in any organization, has suffered from it. Monday is certainly not the favourite day for most working professionals, especially those who get two days off every week. This is because a long leave of absence brings people under the influence of Newton’s First Law of Motion, which states that an object at rest tends to stay in that state.

Those who are victim to this often complain that they didn’t realize when their weekly off got over and are reluctant to get back to work. They often give excuses like having to visit their children’s school for some important work, or their family members not keeping well. No matter what excuses they give, it does not justify their irrational behaviour. What is wrong is wrong!

Getting some extra rest by staying at home and lazing around may satisfy your Senses but it’s harmful to the Mind which is much willing, in fact, eager to executive its role to perfection. When one indulges in such evasive and irrational behaviour the mind gets into a negative mode and is immersed in guilt. As a result, employees tend to feel shameful and cannot face their colleagues and seniors once they’re back. What gets one into negative emotions like guilt and shame cannot be good for him or her.

So is all this evasion and avoidance of work on Monday, worth it?

On the other hand, most people who are strict with themselves and attend the office regularly on Mondays also end up feeling grumpy and they too get into a negative frame of mind.
Now is that worth it too? Certainly not!

In that case, what is the right path to follow? You need to ask yourself what has made you consider a holiday as pleasure and going to office as pain? What if we can reverse this association and derive pleasure from work and pain from the so-called rest that we take on holidays? Why should people not derive pleasure from a work profile that brings them name, fame, recognition and money, and feel pain from the burdens of society and family?

Unfortunately, most people do exactly the reverse on their holidays. They spend most of their time watching the Idiot Box, or the television watching celebrities and stars living their lives. Some lounge motionless in their beds like lazy crocodiles in water. Others spend their holiday indulging in mindless shopping, buying things that are of no use and wasting their money and eating junk food that’s harmful to their mental and physical health. The time between these two activities is filled with blabber and pointless talk with family members and friends.

Just imagine how it would be if we were to reverse this process! Don’t you think that pleasure and pain are individual references? It is the way you look at these references that determine your state of mind. What if we can delete both these references from the computer that is your mind?

Going to office and working is neither pleasure nor pain, and taking a leave and staying home, too, is neither pleasure nor pain.

What matters is: What is the Right Thing To Do. What matters is what ‘I’ want to do. And, who is this ‘I’? It is the Soul, the Inner Being that wishes to work and progress on the path of Self-Expression, Self-Encouragement and Self- Realisation.

So, learn to begin your week by saying Good Morning Monday!

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