Do you have Lower back pain?

Often people wake up in the morning with a stiff lower back or experience a dull, throbbing ache turning into a muscle spasm. Sometimes you blame it on bad posture, your long commutes in the car or the ten hours you spend in your office chair in front of the computer. If it is a chronic back ache, then know that some of your deepest fears and negativity have manifested as a blockage in your Swathisthana chakra, the second energy centre in the human body.

Positioned two inches below the navel, the Swathisthana or Sacral Chakra is the seat of your identity. It is the epicentre of your energy and creativity. It is popularly known as the sexual chakra, as it regulates the sexual organs. This Chakra relates to the sixth and seven houses of your birth chart and governs your relationships with your family. When fully functional, the Swathisthan Chakra enables you to have utmost control over your relationships and related emotions. Such a person is generally gifted with creativity and is of joyous nature.

However, this Chakra gets blocked due to negativity when you face traumatic or unpleasant situations in life. If you have fear of the unknown, debts, court cases or a weak sexual life, then you have an unhealthy Swadhisthana Chakra. A blockage in this Chakra will result in a loss of sense of security and often manifests in the mind as unknown fears and hallucinations. You feel unsafe and unable to defend yourself. This can induce feelings of dullness and fatigue. In terms of physical health, it produces a stiff lower back, chronic back pain, muscle spasms and constipation.

To heal yourself, you need to release the negativity and low Self Esteem to emerge stronger than the situation which is frightening you. This chakra teaches you vital lessons of releasing all Self Doubt and honouring yourself.

Chakra Healing
Most major illnesses and ailments arise out of an imbalance or blockage in the chakras. Think of the time when you feel scared and how your stomach begins to turn. This is your emotions, your chakra emotions, manifesting into your physical form. When you are no longer scared your stomach eases and returns to normal. Your body gets affected from the emotions and concerns you carry with you. Childhood and past life issues that you may not consciously be aware of may be causing your illness now. This doesn’t mean that every physical ailment arises from a chakra issue. But on a spiritual level, we choose the body we have in this life, or Spirit chooses the body for us, for a reason and for the lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Chakra healing is not easy. Often we think we have resolved an issue in our mind, but in reality, there may still be emotional garbage left over from the past in the chakra. When we bury things, those emotions are stored on a cellular level in our bodies. Hence, clearing those issues may take a lot of work and time. As regards the Swathisthana Chakra and the back pain, you can wear healing items like Rudraksha and Gemstones to help balance this Chakra. For Swathisthana Chakra healing, the Two-mukhi Rudraksha and pearl gemstone are recommended.

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