Why Me?

What have I done this time? But it is not my fault! How much ever I do for others, it doesn’t count. What should I do to get your attention? Could you for once speak to me with respect? Don’t I deserve respect from you? What should I do so that you will give me recognition? Is it that hard work doesn’t count?

Many of you have faced circumstances where one of these thoughts has crossed your mind. If you find yourself asking these questions time and again, take care, because you are falling into the victim mentality. Instead of getting depressed, ask yourself why people make you feel the way they do. The answer is YOU.

What did you do wrong?

Knowingly or unknowingly, you have given others the key to your Self Respect. You have not set the parameters for interaction with yourself, and sensing their advantage, they have invaded your boundaries in their contact with you. If you give away the key of your self-worth to others, you will feel dependent on other people and circumstances, either physically, emotionally, mentally or financially.

In such cases, you will fear confrontation, thinking that this would end the relationship or make you lose favour, leading the others to attack or worse, neglect you. So you start adjusting, with little acts of compromise, trying to mould yourself the way the situation or the other person demands. In this way, what is left your self-worth is drained out. You fear speaking up, fearing that you will not be heard and that your opinion doesn’t count, so it is better to keep quiet. There is also a deep fear that if you speak up, you will be attacked or ridiculed in public, so it’s better to continue with status quo.

What You must do now

Understand that it is your moral duty to protect yourself, so shield yourself from all negativity and negative people. Your aura should be so strong that nobody should dare mess up with you. Compromising with others and doing things on their terms is the wrong approach. You will be belittled every moment. Remember, the only person who can save you is YOU. Yes YOU. Just as you previously allowed the others to judge you and insult you, in the same way you must stop them from belittling you.

The power resides within You, just tap into it. In the eyes of the Divine, you are precious, so you must safeguard yourself. He created you out of love and it is your birth right to receive this love from everyone. But for that, you have to realise that you are worthy and you deserve it. In fact, you have every right to get respect from people. The process starts from you. Start loving yourself and the world will love you. Realize who you really are. Appreciate yourself and you will be appreciated.

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