Why do I feel Low?

Why do I feel Low?

Perceiving the external situation as good or bad is what makes up your mood. Two people can be looking at the moon, but feeling two completely different emotions. One may be in awe, while the other one could be gloomy. And what makes you perceive that way? It is because of your personal definition, reference and identification of the situation and that in turn comes from your past memories and experiences. For instance one may feel low seeing that he scored 90% marks while the other may feel very happy and rejoice for scoring the same. Similarly, an employee who is given a hike of 10% on his/her salary may feel low but another employee who is offered the same hike might be happy. This is because of the expectations he had set up for that event. But there is no greater truth than the reality and it is just what it Is.

Your perception shapes your experiences

Your perceptions are an outcome of what you have heard, read or understood about the world around you. The way you view a situation, person or thing around you reveals the perspective you have set in your mind and that shapes your experiences also. So if you have a perception that relationships are painful or that money comes the hard way or that life is cruel to you, you continue attracting the same through the lens of your definitions.

Attachment creates perceptions

Whatever you are attached to most, be it relationships or money or health or name & fame always ends up giving you the most lessons as you have set up expectations and benchmarks about them. And as life attempts to teach you its lessons of detachment, you end up making most perceptions about what is good and what is bad as per what you think is favourable and what is not favourable for you. Thus the emotion of feeling low or high comes from these pre-set definitions.

Present is Complete

Life continually shapes complete situations that come to you in the form of different lessons as it attempts to evolve you to your higher self. It is the false alignment with the ego that does not connect you with the Present that makes you define this situation as adverse or favourable. This definition takes you into pleasure or pain and that mars your wisdom from actually facing the situation and evolving from it. And the cunning ego finds a definition to cover up its failure to solve the situation by making a definition. Thus definitions are formed when you refuse to take responsibility for the outcome. So it you were unable to handle a relationship, it covers up with “People cannot be trusted”, if you failed in a business venture, it says “I am unlucky”, if you faced repeated failures, it says “I have evil eye on me”.

Feelings are illusions

The whole external world you see in front of you include your own self is an illusion. The only truth is your consciousness which is Joyous. Happy and Eternal. One needs to dissociate from feelings by self-introspection. For this detach from all wants and desires. This detachment will remove all fears and perceptions. Of course it is not easy, but it is possible through the path of Yog. In fact it is the goal of life to connect you with your true state of Sat Cit Ananda

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