Why am i unable to say no

‘No’ is a simple two-letter word that many people fearful. Many times you say “yes” even though you want to or need to say “no”. Many of your problems stem from this inability to say “No.” This simple two-letter word has many benefits. It helps to set firm boundaries, it reduces stress and makes one more productive. However, if you just cannot bring yourself to utter this word, it’s because you believe that:

Other people have more value than me

I don’t want to hurt them

I don’t want to lose favour with them

I lack faith in my own opinions

The primary reason is your fear of offending others of your lack of self-confidence. It may be a lack of self-belief, where you trust the judgment of other more than your own. This lack of self-confidence and belief results from an unbalanced Manipura Chakra.

The Manipura Chakra, located directly on the navel bestows courage, discipline, conviction and high self-respect and independence in all respects. An unbalanced Manipura Chakra makes value the opinions and desires of others over your own. This gives rise to an illusion of dependency on others for either Physical, Emotional, Financial or Social support.

The Solution

Know that there will always be someone or something that will require your time and help, but it is important that you set boundaries. Understand that saying ‘No’ and meaning it takes willpower and the ability to take risk and trust in your own opinion.

Your primary responsibility is towards none other than yourself. So start practising to say “No”. The first three times will be the hardest and then you will find it coming easily.

Know that if you can understand others, they will understand you. Saying “No” is not such a big deal. In doing this, you will know how strong your relationships are. There has to be depth and understanding in relationships or they’re not fit to be relationships. Remember, the best relationship is where each one allows the other to be who they are.

So empower yourself and harness the ability to say ‘No’. Wearing 12-mukhi Rudraksha and Ruby Gemstone will help balance the Manipura Chakra and help you develop Self Power.
To know more about the Manipur Chakra, watch this workshop:

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