What is the number 1 key to Manifesting your Desire

The Key to Manifesting your Desire

Believing in your desire is the key to manifesting it. Believing in your desire opens the doors to your heart, allowing you to achieve union with the object of your desire.

It is about believing that…

You can do it

You are worth it

It is the best thing for you

Life wants you to have it

How to Believe in Your Desire

Believing in a desire is like taking the time to stoke the fire. A desire emerges as an intention within the heart, created by the higher consciousness working through you to achieve self-realization. What determines its manifestation is whether you doubt it or surrender to it with faith. We cannot have any experiences that are not in sync with our own nature. And, just as you have a distinct vibration, so do the things you desire. You must align your vibration with their vibrational frequency in order to bring them into your experience.

What Stop Us from Believing in It

Because we can’t yet see what we want, we find it difficult to believe in it. Past experiences with many things we wished for but did not receive have limited
what we now consider to be possible or not possible. Many subconscious patterns formed over time cause us to feel a lack of faith, mistrust in life, low self-esteem and self-worth all of which undermine our ability to believe in what we want. Thus, we end up feeling hopeless and fearful about the manifestation of the desire.

Steps for Believing & Manifesting

Following are some concise steps to start believing again:

  1. Realize that the desire is not “yours”. It belongs to the higher Self pervasive through you. So don’t “own” the desire. Just allow it to happen through you.
  2. Believe that it will happen and it is actually already in the process of happening in the present as the desire belongs to the present and not
    any illusionary future.
  3. Surrender to the universe for its fulfillment. Be ready to face all challenges and learn what it has to be learned in the process to rise up to the level of fulfillment of the desire.
  4. Meditate on any emotion of pleasure or pain you have with the fruits of the desire and release it to become very natural about it.

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