Allow the Universe to Support You

There are numerous sources of natural energies the Universe provides to mankind. These energies nourish us and lead us to wholeness. It is when you prevent them from entering you that you suffer misfortunes such as debts, losses, grief, disharmony and illnesses.

So where are these natural energies and how do you tap them? The food you consume nourishes your physical body only, but natural energies nourish your mind, aura and chakras. Discover what other sources are there ready to help you in your wellbeing.

Open Your Mooladhara Chakra

Moola +Adhar can be translated as the Foundation of your birth. Who is the foundation? Your Parents. They give you this energy. We come into this world after a contract with our Soul families. As per this contract, each decides what role they will play in our growth. Our parents agree to play a role that will teach us vital lessons. But when you start playing this Lila, you forget the contract and start holding anger/grudges/negativity against them. In this way, you block the one-way love they were designed to give you.

Always remember, every parent in the world love their child. You are his/her baby and they WILL love you, no matter what and how you turn out to be. You carry their DNA, so a parent will always bless you, wish you well, and give you the energy you need to balance your Root chakra.

A person with a balanced Root chakra will be stable in life, will feel supported on all fronts and will handle challenges, amass wealth and stay grounded in the process. If you have a disturbed relationship with parents, you block the natural energy from them and become unstable. You find it difficult to “settle” in life. Money does not seem to stay in your hands. You are always finding lack of support or lack of money.You develop knee/leg pains and become fearful of challenges.

So forgive your parents for all that they did to you or to anyone. Accept them and realise the lessons they taught you by the Lila they played. Did they teach you how important money is in life by struggling themselves? Or how important is Loyalty by being disloyal themselves and disturbing own family? Or how important harmony and communication is by arguing themselves? Or how to be Strong in life by being a Victim themselves?  Please see them and what they went through will teach these lessons to you. Forgive them and forgive yourself for misinterpreting them.

The ruler of Muladhara chakra, Lord Ganesha declared that His parents were his world by circling around them and defeated his brother Kartikeya. Most of the rich and well-settled people in life have their parents by their side in harmonious, free-flowing, loving relationships. You can too. Start today. Mentally touch the feet of your parents. Tell them “I  love you Ma and Pa. I am your child. Bless me always”.  Whether they are on earth or on Heavenly abode, they will shower blessings.

Expand this Energy

Once you connect with your parents, you will automatically connect with your siblings and relatives to further expand your circle of support. Next, you will connect with society, your peers and colleagues and see the large support system universe gives you. People who provide your everyday needs, your food, clothing, shelter, your transport, the people who give you your job or business opportunity, even those who help you in indirect ways –providers of knowledge and information – you should be able to honour all this support. With this support your get strength to stand on your feet and face the challenges of life.

You get strength when you are connected with the world, not when you isolate yourself. When connected, even the stranger on the street can help you with directions. If you stumble and fall on the street, a stranger will offer his hand. Support comes in many forms. The whole Universe is out to support you. Everything is in your favour. Open yourself to its blessings and honour it.

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