What is Love? Is it about giving or taking?

In this world there are two energies; one is fear and the other is love. Fear has so many faces – low self esteem, self doubt, mistrust, procrastination, anger, jealousy, greed, bigotry, and selfishness is but a few. Love is, simply an unbounded compassion.

Love is our natural trait, and all our natural behaviours like nurturing, creativity, power compassion, forgiveness, joy, expression, acceptance and communication are like small streams that merge into the ocean called Love. When in love, we wish to continually be in the state. On the other hand when we are aligned to fear, we are not in our natural state and seek relief from it.

Now coming to the question whether love is given or taken, the fact is when a person gives or takes love he falls into the illusion of pain and suffering caused due to expectations and control. This illusion makes him dependent on others and makes him lose the vision and the sense of right & wrong. From here comes the common adage “Fall in love” and “Love is blind” etc. Love makes him compromise and sacrifice for the other and makes him lose his power and his centred ness.

People try to cope up with this illusion by just giving love and not accepting. They call this as unconditional love. But in true sense this is not love. It manifests as dependency on finding someone to love, ego-gratification when you find someone and resonating with the pleasures and pains of the other person. In such a mode, you find yourself overly responsible for them.
Love cannot be limited to either self-gratification, nor pleasure, nor one-side, nor intense friendliness toward someone,. nor understanding the other person, nor sharing, or caring, nor is is surrendering. . Love is not a verb, it is a Noun.

In order to come to this state, all the desires in the world have to be renounced including the desire to love and to be loved so that the person rests in his natural state. And this natural state is the state of love, oneness and supreme Ananda (bliss). Love is the most supreme, pristine and divine energy in the world. Love vibrates at the highest frequency. Love is realising who you truly are.

Also watch this video ‘Rise in Love’ by Neeta Singhal:

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